2015 CO Farm Show – Beef Day


2015 CFS Beef Day logo51st CO Farm Show Beef Day – January 28th, 2014

2015 Schedule & Audio Archives:

Sponsored by the CO Beef Council

Devin Murnin CCAWelcome Message/CCA Update – 

  • Devin Murnin, Director of Industry Programs, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association – Denver, CO – 

Devin presented a brief update on the various programs that the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is currently involved with.


Tami Arnold and Julie Moore - CO Beef Council“Telling the Beef Story in the Age of Social Media”

  • Tami Arnold, Director of Marketing, Colorado Beef Council – Denver, CO
  • Julie Moore, Director of Nutrition & Education, Colorado Beef Council – Denver, CO

The Colorado Beef Council has embraced social media to reach a new consumer, the Millennial, who was born between 1980 and 2000. This generation represents 50% of our population and is vital to beef’s future on the dinner table. Tami and Julie shared some of the strategies being used to target the Millennial audience and show you examples of how you play a role in communication as well.


Dr Gerald L Stokka Extension Veterinarian Livestock Stewardship NDSU - Fargo ND“Stewardship: A Philosophy of Life, Culture, and Business”

  • Gerald L. Stokka, Extension Veterinarian/Livestock Stewardship, NDSU – Fargo, ND

Understanding what we believe and why we believe it is critical to our role in society as stewards of land, livestock, and people. The message we live and communicate to others outside of agriculture is an important piece of restoring trust and respect to our way of life and business.


Dr. Steve Koontz CSU “Market Situation and Outlook for the Beef Cattle Industry”

  • Steve Koontz, Prof. of Ag Economics, Dept. of Ag & Resource Economics, CSU – Ft. Collins, CO

The presentation focuses on the current situation in beef cattle, feedstuff, and grain markets, as well as a market outlook with price expectations for the upcoming year. Competing protein markets, International trade and, other variables will be discussed as they relate to cattle prices.


King and Datteri ”Industry Expansion: The Lenders Perspective”

  • Jason King, Sr. Relationships Manager, RABO Agrifinance – Loveland, CO
  • Brett Datteri, Relationship Manager Agribusiness Banking, First National Bank – Greeley, CO

Jason King and Brett Datteri shared their perspectives on business analysis, strategies and requirements for financing herd expansion, or getting your start in the cow/calf sector from an agricultural lending point of view. An open questions and answers session followed their presentations.


CattleFax logo“Bigger or Better? Operational & Mkt Factors for Exp in Cow/Calf, Stocker, & Backgrounding”

  • Lance Zimmerman, Analyst with Cattle-Fax – Centennial, CO

Cattle-Fax discussed market trends in the beef cattle industry that will have the biggest influence on profitability over the next few years, including options for restocking pastures during an expansion-phase cattle market and managing expansion efforts with a focus on long-term ranch profitability. This will be an in-depth discussion primarily focused on the cow/calf and stocker/backgrounding sectors of the industry, and will focus on how an individual enterprise might expand.


Panelists-Ahola-Miller-Miller-Linde“Business Strategies for Long-Term Survival in the Beef Industry – Producer Panel Discussion”

  • Moderator: Dr. Jason Ahola, Assoc. Prof of Beef Production Systems, Dept. of An. Sci., CSU – Ft. Collins, CO
  • Kevin Miller,Owner, Croissant Red Angus – Briggsdale, CO
  • Randy Miller, Owner, Miller Cattle Feeders – Pierce, CO
  • David Linde, Co-Owner, Linde Landholdings – Eaton, CO

Three local cattle producers shared their thoughts on the current state of the beef industry including their views on expansion and ensuring long-term profitability of their operations. Panel participants will each provide their brief perspective followed by a question and answer and open discussion format with attendees. Some discussion is expected to revolve around points discussed earlier in the day, including market outlooks, managing risk, borrowing money, and expansion.


*******************CO FARM SHOW BEEF DAY ARCHIVES***************************

2014 CO Farm Show Beef Day

Brian Allmer – Barn Media & Colorado Ag News Network

The BARN CoAgNews Network logo

Brian Allmer, Owner/Host of BARN Media & the Colorado Ag News Network, Briggsdale, CO


– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_1_Welcome_3m48s


Charles Davis

Dr Charlie Davis – Case Coordinator, CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Ft Collins, CO

Dr Davis discusses CSU’s Field Investigation Unit…


– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_2_CharlieDavis_6m2s


Update on Colorado’s Beef Quality Assurance

Katy Lippolis, Beef Quality Assurance Coordinator, CSU – Ft.Collins,CO


The mission of Beef Quality Assurance is to maximize consumer confidence in, and acceptance of, beef by focusing the producer’s attention to daily production practices that influence the safety,wholesomeness and quality of beef and beef products.Come learn about the new direction of Colorado’s Beef Quality Assurance program based on stakeholder input and get the latest information about the national BQA program…

– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_3_KatyLippolis_10m24s


State Veterinarian Livestock Health Update

Dr. Keith Roehr, Colorado State Veterinarian, Division of Animal Industry – Lakewood, CO

The health of livestock is of utmost importance to Colorado livestock producers and the Colorado State Veterinarian. Dr. Roehr will discuss how the department of Agriculture accomplishes disease control and eradication and how the incidence of disease and the associated response efforts are a dynamic and ever changing process…

– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_4_DrKeithRoehr_39m9s


Cattle Market Drivers and Outlook

Jim Robb, Director, Senior Agricultural Economist, Livestock Marketing Information Center – Denver, CO

Many forces are shaping the cattle and beef industry.This presentationwill focus on themajor economic drivers underpinning both supply and demand,fromU.S.cattle numbers to exportmarket trends.Jimwill also present a price outlook for calves,yearlings,and fed cattle….

– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_5_JimRobb_42m12s


Key Trends to watch for in the Beef Cattle Industry in 2014

Tom Brink

Tom Brink, Founder/Owner, Brink Consulting/Trading – Brighton, CO

Brink discusses trends in cattle numbers, beef supply and demand, cattle prices, profit potential by industry segment, feeder cattle values, and increasing differentiation in the feeder cattle market…


– 2014_cfs-beefday_6_tombrink_50m17s.mp3


Devin Murnin

Update formthe Colorado Cattlemen’s Association

Devin Murnin,Director of Industry Programs,Colorado Cattlemen’s Association – Denver,CO

Devin will give a brief overview of what the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association has been working on and issues important to cattlemen in Colorado.He will also be giving an overview of the programs offered by CCA including the Colorado Ranching Legacy program.

– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_7_DevinMurnin_6m36s


Kim Stackhouse-LawsonSustainable Beef: Meeting Tomorrow’s Demands

Dr.Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, Director of Sustainability Research,NCBA – Denver,CO

The presentation will include an in depth discussion of the largest sustainability assessment ever conducted in agriculture which will provide a holistic sustainability evaluation of beef from gate to plate.The attendees will learn where the beef industry has made significant improvement and where opportunities exist to achieve a more sustainable future.

– 2014_CFS-BeefDay_8_KimStackhouseLawson_42m5s


Beginning Farmer/Rancher Panel Discussion


Moderator: Devin Murnin, Director of Industry Programs,CCA – Denver,CO
Moderator: Dr. JackWhittier, Extension Beef Specialist & Professor, CSU – Ft.Collins,CO
Panelist: Kyle Kocerha,Manager/Agent/Producer,Gordon Insurance Agency – Calhan,CO
Panelist: Caleb & Kari Schultz,Owners/Operators, Spring Canyon Ranch – Kirk,CO
Panelist: Leah Churches, Owner,Churches Hay & Cattle – Laramie,WY

It is becoming increasing difficult to keep the next generation of farmers and ranchers on the land.It’s no secret that the age demographics of the nation’s farmers and ranchers is increasing each year and the higher paying salaries of jobs in urban areas seem to entice more individuals to leave agriculture and their rural communities each year.CCA and CSU have teamed up to develop a program designed to give young and beginning farmers and ranchers the tools necessary to be successful in agriculture through the Colorado Ranching Legacy Program. A panel of past participants of the Colorado Ranching Legacy Program will speak about: the challenges that they have faced entering the agriculture sector, family involvement in transitioning the next generation,what it takes for a young producer to start out on their own, the attraction that returning to agriculture had to each for each of them, plusmuchmore.This panelwill provide a great venue to share ideas and for those looking to get the next generation involved, to come ask questions,and share ideas.

– 2014_cfs-beefday_9_paneldiscussion_1h4m32s.mp3


For more information about the 2014 Colorado Farm Show – CLICK HERE

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