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-Brian Allmer

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8 Responses to “Contact the BARN”

  1. Raymond Mowery said

    Hi Brian, If you don’t remember, I am the District Conservationist for NRCS in Greeley. I just wanted to say thank you from all of the NRCS staff. You did a great job interviewing the Price Family at the Stock Show. I thing all of the NRCS staff in northern listened to it.

  2. Hey Barn Man~~~ if you have any problems with my article I will stand by every number, every fact. Don’t be scared! Call me if concerns. 740 758 5050 Darol

  3. Keith Roberts said

    I am currently in the process of converting some wheat ground to no-til. I need custom wheat drilling by a farmer set up to no-til.. It is 320 acres that has heavy residue (mowed and chopped) and needs to have fertilizer applied in one pass. The ground is 6 miles west of Ault just off Hwy 14. It needs to be drilled early, before Sept 1. If you could steer someone my way, I would appreciate it.

  4. Will Spears said

    2nd Show was 30-seconds long

  5. michael said

    hi brian,

    not sure if you’re aware of events in colorado’s north fork valley, in delta county. the BLM has proposed leases on 30,000 acres for gas drilling / hydraulic fracking in the watershed that supplies irrigation to all the valley farms, ranches, and vineyards – almost all of which are certified organic. by all accounts, there is nearly unanimous opposition to the leases throughout the valley population, based primarily on concerns about groundwater contamination. state law seems to preempt any county or municipal regulations governing oil/gas drilling. i would imagine this is an issue that would be of concern to all farmers and ranchers statewide. i respectfully suggest you give this issue some coverage. many thanks!

    here is a website with more information:

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