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09-29-13 US Congressman Gardner Votes Again to Keep Government Funded…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2013

Congressman Cory GardnerWashington, DC – Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-04) released the following statement today on H.J. Res 59, the continuing resolution to fund the government:

“For the second time in less than two weeks, I voted to keep the government funded and running for the American people,” Gardner said. “Included in the continuing resolution was a one year delay of the President’s healthcare bill. We are days away from the healthcare exchanges opening, and many agree that this disastrous law is nowhere near ready for implementation . Whether it is having their health insurance plans cancelled, their insurance rates skyrocket, or their ability to buy insurance online delayed, Coloradans have already started to feel the negative effects of President Obama’s healthcare law – and my constituents have overwhelmingly expressed their deep dismay.

“Also included in the continuing resolution is the repeal of a 2.3% excise tax, commonly known as the ‘medical device tax.’ This tax will stifle economic growth while raising costs, and these costs will be passed on to consumers, making healthcare even more expensive. The dangerous impact of this tax has already been felt by many, as medical device manufacturers have announced they plan to lay workers off, or move their businesses overseas. There is bipartisan opposition to this tax in both the House and Senate. In fact, when the Senate passed its budget resolution this year, an amendment calling for the repeal of the tax passed by a vote of 79-20.

“The most important vote I cast today was to ensure that regardless of what happens, the members of our armed services get paid. President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Reid’s inability to compromise should not stand in the way of making sure the men and women of our military receive compensation for their sacrifice and service.

“I call on Majority Leader Reid to bring the Senate back in session as soon as possible to get the people’s business done.”

Gardner also noted that while Vice President Biden was touring flood damage in Colorado, he promised flood recovery resources will continue.

Congressman Gardner is a member in the U.S. House of Representatives serving Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. He sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee and is a member of the following Subcommittees: Communications and Technology, Energy and Power, and Oversight and Investigations.

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