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07-12-13 *USDA / FSA-CO News* Emergency Haying and Grazing of CRP in Washington County in Colorado…

Posted by Brian Allmer on July 12, 2013


Washington County has received authorization from the Colorado State FSA Committee to hay or graze CRP acreage in 2013 using Emergency Provisions.  Both authorizations begin July 16, 2013.  Haying authorization ends August 31, 2013 and grazing authorization ends September 30, 2013.  A 25% payment reduction will be applied against the acres hayed or grazed.

Before beginning to hay or graze, application must be made with FSA, a haying or grazing plan obtained from NRCS, and approval received from FSA.  Failure to follow these necessary steps may result in the assessment of penalties and/or contract termination.

If grazing, participants must either leave at least 25% of each field or contiguous field ungrazed or reduce the determined stocking rate by at least 25 percent.  If haying, at least 50% of each field or contiguous field must be left unhayed.  The same acreage cannot be hayed and grazed.

Hay obtained utilizing emergency provisions cannot be sold.  However, the privilege to hay or graze may be leased by the CRP participant to an eligible livestock producer for their own use.

Although acreages utilized last year are technically eligible, conditions have prohibited normal growth. The haying or grazing plan will reflect the total amount of forage available with the long term effect of the cover being considered.  Any acreage that has been utilized in the past may be determined ineligible if the cover has not recovered or the plan will likely reflect a stocking rate or haying plan that is reduced from previous years.

To apply or obtain more information, contact the Washington County Farm Service Agency Office at 970-345-2364 Ext. 2.

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