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07-10-13 CAWG’s 2013 Colorado Winter Wheat Harvest Update…

Posted by Brian Allmer on July 10, 2013

2013 CO Wheat Harvest Update logoCAWG – Wednesday, July 10, 2013 – Harvest is wrapping up in southeastern Colorado and is in full swing along the Front Range and near Burlington, Yuma and Haxtun. Last night’s rain night in the Haxtun area may keep some farmers out of the fields all day today.

This Monday’s USDA NASS Crop Report estimated the Colorado winter wheat crop as 16 percent harvested, compared to 7 percent last week and 96 percent at this time last year, when harvest was dramatically earlier than normal. The five-year average for harvest on this date is 37 percent complete.  USDA will release the updated Crop Production report tomorrow.

A Walsh area farmer was still not back in the field because of two inches of rain this past weekend. He had heard from a neighbor who had harvested some irrigated wheat that yielded 60 bushels per acre, probably the record yield for that area this year.

A second Walsh wheat grower had wrapped up harvest on his farm. His last yields were 15 bushels to the acre, 59 pounds per bushel test weight, and eight percent moisture.

Barry Meyer at Elkhart Coop in Springfield says harvest in their area is close to wrapping up. They anticipate taking 10 percent of an average crop. Moisture content has been 8 to 12 percent, test weights ranging from 56 to 58 pounds per bushel, and reported yields still very low.

A Prowers and Kiowa county grower said harvest is about 75 percent complete on his farm, and thinks they will finish on this Friday. His yields are around 6 bushels per acre, test weight is in the mid-50s, and moisture content still very dry.

Frank Miller at Bartlett Grain Company in Eads said they hadn’t received much wheat and weren’t expecting to take much this year, maybe two percent of an average crop. He has been there 34 years and this is by far the worst harvest he has seen.

An Eads area grower cut half of their wheat yesterday. They will only harvest five percent of their entire farm this year. The wheat they did cut had 11 percent moisture content and yielded 15 bushels per acre.

Cargill-Burlington said things had started to pick up, and harvest is estimated at less than 25 percent complete for their area. Moisture content averaged 11.3 percent, test weight averaged 60 pounds per bushel, and protein was high, at an average of 15.3 percent.

A Bethune area wheat farmer had not yet started harvest on his farm, citing green spots in the field due to the late freeze in April. He anticipated being able to start on Monday.

Keith DeVoe at the Roggen Farmers Elevator Association said that harvest was about 10 percent complete for the area, and that intake had really picked up yesterday. He expects to receive an average crop. Average moisture content is 10 percent, test weight averaged 57 pounds per bushel, protein averaged 12.5 percent, and yields had been around 30 bushels per acre.

A Roggen wheat grower said they had been cutting the varieties Byrd, Brawl CL Plus and Settler CL.  Moisture content on their farm had been averaging 11 to 12 percent. Test weights on the Byrd and Brawl CL Plus were 56 to 57 pounds per bushel, with the Settler CL a little heavier at 60 pounds per bushel. They had only had one load of Byrd tested for protein, and it measured 15 percent. Their yields have generally been in the 30s, with Brawl CL Plus in the upper 20s, Byrd in the mid-30s, and Settler CL in the upper 30 bushels per acre range. They are about one-fourth to one-third done with harvest.

An Otis wheat farmer had tested his wheat at 15.6 moisture this morning, and was going to wait another day for it to dry down.

A Bennett area family farm is about 75 percent done with harvest. Yields on their farm have ranged from 11 to 35 bushels per acre. Their moisture content averaged 10.5 percent, test weight averaged 58.8 percent, and protein averaged 11.7 percent. They have been harvesting since July 3rd.

Another Bennett wheat grower started harvest last Saturday. His test weights have measured from 52 to 58 pounds per bushel and his yields have been from 17 to 30 bushels per acre so far.

A Keenesburg wheat farmer reported on Twitter (@blhw37) they had started to harvest their non-hailed wheat, harvesting 42 bushels per acre, 12.8 percent protein, 59 pounds per bushel test weight, and 10 percent moisture content.

CHS Yuma says wheat started trickling in on the 2nd and 3rd of July and that yesterday was the biggest day for them so far. They estimate harvest may be 50 percent complete in the area. Moisture content is averaging around 10 to 11 percent, test weight is 59.5 percent, protein has been 12 to 13 percent (they are paying a protein premium on 12 percent and higher) and yields range from 5 to 35 bushels to the acre, averaging about 18 to 20. Steve Klee of CHS estimates they may only take 30 percent of an average crop.

A Yuma-area farmer reported that her family farm may finish up harvest today if the wheat is dry enough. They had some rain and fog this morning. On their farm, yields were from 39 to 45 bushels per acre. Test weights were 55 to 61 pounds per bushel. Moisture content was 9 to 12.5 percent. Protein was 12 to 14.5 percent.

Scott Kirkwood at Grainland in Haxtun said it will be quiet there today because of rain in the area. They are still hoping for an average crop for the area. They started receiving wheat on June 28th. Some farmers in the area are about finished, while some are in the middle of harvest and some have not even started. Average moisture content is 11 percent, test weight is averaging 58.5 percent, average protein is 12 percent (and they are paying a protein premium starting at 13 percent). He had heard yields in the area ranging from 10 bushels per acre on continuous crop wheat to highs of 40 or 50 bushels per acre.

A Haxtun wheat farmer was waiting for the fields to dry down again after 1.2 inches of rain on parts of his farm last night. They had been harvesting wheat at 10 to 15 bushels per acre, test weights were 54 to 56 pounds per bushel, and protein was 16 percent. They had just harvested some of the variety Snowmass which had followed summer fallow, and it was yielding 29 to 40 bushels per acre, had 58 pounds per bushel test weight, and had protein of 12.5 to 13 percent. They are a little over 50 percent done with harvest on their farm.

Brent Oestman at the Flagler Coop said harvest has just barely started in the Flagler and Arriba areas, and that when he was in the Genoa area last week, the wheat was still “John Deere green” around there, so harvest will extend into the 2nd half of July for that area. He estimates they will receive about 30 percent of an average crop in the area.

Colorado winter wheat production in 2013 is projected at only 51,000,000 bushels (based on the USDA’s estimate of yield on June 12, 2013 and revised estimate of harvested acres on June 28, 2013), down 31 percent from 73,780,000 bushels produced last year, and down 29 percent from the 10-year average crop of 71,978,000 bushels.

The estimate for the 2013 Colorado winter wheat crop is based upon only 1,500,000 acres being harvested (which is the lowest harvested acres since 1965) with an average yield of 34.0 bushels per acre.  This compares with 2,170,000 acres harvested last year and the 10-year average of 2,122,000 acres harvested and an average yield of 34 bushels per acre last year and the 10-year average yield of 33.4 bushels per acre.

An estimated 2,200,000 acres were planted last fall for harvest in 2013, compared with 2,350,000 acres planted for harvest in 2012 and the 10-year average of 2,395,000 acres planted for harvest.

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