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07-05-13 *CAWG News* 2013 Colorado Winter Wheat Harvest Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on July 5, 2013

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Friday, July 8, 2013 – Harvest continues in southeastern Colorado. Elevators and farmers assess this year’s crop for the area as “pretty bad” to “terrible.”  Approximately 600,000 acres may be abandoned totally and not harvested in Baca, Prowers, Bent, Kiowa and Cheyenne counties.

The USDA NASS Crop Report last Monday estimated Colorado winter wheat as seven percent harvested, compared to 81 percent at this time last year, when harvest was dramatically earlier than normal. The five-year average for harvest on this date is 25 percent complete.  Approximately 600,000 acres may be totally abandoned and not harvested in Baca, Prowers, Bent, Kiowa and Cheyenne counties due to poor emergence last fall or drought and freeze damage this spring.

Some farmers in the Holly, Cheyenne Wells and Brandon area will harvest no wheat at all, some for the first time in their farm history, and some for the first time since the 1950s.

Skyland Grain in Walsh reported harvest as 75 percent complete for their area. Moisture content was very dry, with most eight to 12 percent, and test weights dipped very low, from 46 to 57 pounds per bushel. Reported dryland yields were three to 25 bushels per acre.

Skyland Grain expects to receive only 10 percent of an average crop.

A Walsh area producer said the new standard for harvest in southeast Colorado is “hours per bin-full rather than bushels per acre.” He estimated the field he was harvesting would be their best this year, a real exception at 20 bushels per acre, but that the rest of his farm yield would range from “failed to 10 or 15 bushels per acre.”  Moisture content was low, around ten percent.

A second Walsh farmer has been harvesting wheat in the five to seven bushel per acre range, and 55-60 pound test weight. Moisture content is very dry, around 10 percent, and harvest is about 30 percent complete on his farm.

Barry Meyer at Elkhart Coop in Springfield says harvest in their area is moving slowly and is 65 to 75 percent complete. They anticipate taking 10 percent of an average crop. Moisture content has been 8 to 10 percent, test weights ranging from 54 to 60 pounds per bushel, and reported yields have been 5 to 22 bushels per acre. The bright spot is high protein content, averaging between 14 and 16 percent.

Amelia Coyle of Cargill says that the Granada and Holly areas are deep in harvest, with harvest about 65 percent complete in those areas. She estimates that they may receive 25 percent of a normal crop but cautions that number may be optimistic and that conditions are really terrible in the area. Moisture contents are very dry, seven to eight percent. Test weights not too bad, ranging from 57 to 60 pounds per bushel, with the exception of one load in Holly dipping down to 51 pounds per bushel. Protein content was high, with loads of the varieties Winterhawk (WestBred), Byrd (PlainsGold ), and T163 (LimaGrain Cereal Seeds), which had yielded 20 to 30 bushels per acre, testing with protein contents from 13.5 percent to 14.5 percent, and a load of WB-Stout (WestBred) having lower yields (eight to 15 bushels) but very high protein at 15.8 percent.

Tempel Grain in Wiley has not yet received much wheat and doesn’t expect to, with most of the wheat in the area already cut for wheatlage. They expect to take only about 5,000 bushels at that location this year.

A Lamar farmer said all of their wheat was zeroed out this year, for the first time in the history of their farm. “It was hard to beat last year for finishing early, but we were done even earlier this year.”

A Sheridan Lake farmer hasn’t cut anything since Wednesday since the cooler weather has kept the moisture too high to harvest in the wheat they do have, around 16 percent. He is going to head out to check moisture today and see if the fields are ready.

Coyle said that the Cheyenne Wells intake area had been expected to get going today or tomorrow, but that farmers are still finding too much green in their fields. Expectations now are that harvest will really take off in that area in the middle or towards the end of next week.

Colorado winter wheat production in 2013 is projected at only 51,000,000 bushels (based on the USDA’s estimate of yield on June 12, 2013 and revised estimate of harvested acres on June 28, 2013), down 31 percent from 73,780,000 bushels produced last year, and down 29 percent from the 10-year average crop of 71,978,000 bushels.

The estimate for the 2013 Colorado winter wheat crop is based upon only 1,500,000 acres being harvested (which is the lowest harvested acres since 1965) with an average yield of 34.0 bushels per acre.  This compares with 2,170,000 acres harvested last year and the 10-year average of 2,122,000 acres harvested and an average yield of 34 bushels per acre last year and the 10-year average yield of 33.4 bushels per acre.

An estimated 2,200,000 acres were planted last fall for harvest in 2013, compared with 2,350,000 acres planted for harvest in 2012 and the 10-year average of 2,395,000 acres planted for harvest.

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