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03-01-13 Inside the Colorado Livestock Marketeers with Volunteer Secretary Kim Wolfe…

Posted by Brian Allmer on March 1, 2013

Kim Wolfe, Colorado Livestok Marketeers Voluteer Secretary

Kim Wolfe, Colorado Livestok Marketeers Voluteer Secretary


CLICK HERE to learn more about Colorado’s Livestock Marketeers…

(BARN Media & Co Ag News Network – Briggsdale, CO) March 1st, 2013 – Joining the Colorado Ag News Network inside the BARN is Kim Wolfe, the volunteer secretary for the Livestock Marketeers, which is a fraternal organization of livestock fieldmen and auctioneers. Kim welcome inside the BARN…

History & Membership
The importance of the seedstock sector of the livestock industry
Livestock Auctioneering Industry has changes
Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame  – See the complete list below
Livestock Marketeers Committee members

To listen to the interview, click the audio mp3 link below:


The Livestock Marketeers History

  • Fraternal organization of livestock fieldmen and auctioneers and related professionals formed in 1965 by Harry Green, Ross Miller and Claud Willett. Purpose to encourage younger members of the industry to succeed in their chosen profession.
  • Honoring exceptional individuals in the Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame since 1966 at the annual banquet held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show in Denver.
  • The basic criteria has been to bring together people with a shared interest in improving the marketing of purebred cattle.
  • Two editions of The Livestock Marketeers book, published in 1988 and 2004. The book was produced by a committee chaired by Bud Snidow, and included Harry Green, Forrest Bassford, Ross Miller, Fred ‘Hoss’ Shaw and Dale Runnion.
  • The Livestock Marketeers mailing list currently includes more than 300 livestock professionals living across the country and in Canada. The annual banquet held in January draws 60-80 Marketeers to celebrate the tradition of the organization and induct exceptional members into the Hall of Fame. A permanent Hall of Fame display graces the wall of the National Western Club.
  • Posthumous honorees were added to the Hall of Fame in 2009 to acknowledge the contributions of Marketeers who had passed away.
  • The current committee includes Bill Angell of the Nebraska State Fair, Jim Gies of the Western Livestock Journal, Chuck Grove of the American Angus Association, Neil Orth of the American-International Charolais Association, Joe Rickabaugh of the American Hereford Association, and Stuart Wilson of American Live Stock. Former Record Stockman managing editor Kim Wolfe serves as secretary.
  • The 2013 honorees are Steve Dorran of Timnath, CO, and Phil Stoll of Fort Worth, TX. Merrill Anderson of Newman, IL, and Weslaco, TX, has passed away since the banquet, and Arvin Arthun of Billings, MT, was honored posthumously.

Foreword of The Livestock Marketeers book — Bud Snidow

Possibly due to the unique nature of their vocation and also possibly due to their sharing a common interest in and dedication to the livestock industry, there has always been a fraternal feeling among those who are professionally engaged in marketing purebred livestock, particularly beef cattle. There is, of course, an area of competition among the practitioners, but there is also a great spirit of cooperation and assistance and above all there is strict devotion to the proposition that “A man’s word is his bond.” Binding agreements on contracts are culminated by a handshake and there is a common purpose among fieldmen or “Marketeers” to get an advertiser’s or an employer’s cattle “well sold.” The Marketeers is a rather unusual group in that there is no formal fraternity or organization. There are no officers and the only dues or payment is in the form of the participants’ share of the Dutch Treat annual dinner. Thus far, the group’s functions, communications and its roster of honorees has been carried on by volunteers almost entirely at their own expense. It is, therefore, appropriate that those engaged in seedstock animal marketing — the Marketeers — get together annually for an evening of fellowship and good food. This they have done since 1966 when the custom was established to recognize at the dinner gathering two (or three) persons each year who have performed their duties notable and for an appreciable number of years. This annual gathering has always been held in conjunction with the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, because of its central U.S. location and because so many marketeers are usually in attendance at this great event.

Livestock Marketeers Hall of Fame (*posthumous honorees)

1966        Ray Schnell, A.W. “Art” Thompson

1967        Charles Corkle, O.R. “Pete” Peterson

1968        H.B. “Bascom” Sager, Claud Willett

1969        Roy G. Johnston, Ross Miller

1970        H.L. “Hi” Mackey, Roy Richerson

1971        Harry Green, Jr., Sherm Guttridge

1972        Forrest Bassford, Walter Britten

1973        Frasier Biggs, John McDonald

1974        A.W. “Ham” Hamilton, Fos R. Palmer

1975        Keith Gilmore, Dale F. Runnion

1976        C.D. “Pete” Swaffar, E. “Doc” Von Tour

1977        Francis Dressor, Patrick K. Goggins

1978        Dean Spencer, Gene Watson

1979        Mack Jones, B.C. “Bud” Snidow

1980        Ray Sims, Ken Troutt

1981        Ralph Heineman, Fred “Hoss” Shaw

1982        Kermit Karst, George Morse

1983        Jim Baldridge, Veryl Jones

1984        Jock Blacklock, Neil Orth

1985        H.H. “Hop” Dickenson, LeRoy Van Dyke

1986        Robert Schnell, Orville K. Sweet

1987        Freddie Chandler, Ike Hamilton

1988        W.M. “Shorty” Rasmussen, Guy Shull

1989        Clint Tomson, Dick Kane

1990        Gene Johnson, Don Doris

1991        Skinner Hardy, Johnny Winston

1992        Jewett Fulkerson, Ted Aegerter

1993        Lyle Eiten, Dwayne Dietz

1994        Tom Burke, Ted Thomas

1995        Dave Canning, Lyle Roberts

1996        Howard Brown, John Barton

1997        Waymon Ashley, Dick Crow

1998        T.V. Jones, Dean Hurlbut

1999        Gene Fitzgerald, Stanley Stout

2000        Lovell Kuykendall, Don Rehm

2001        Art Handel, Jim Shirley

2002        Jerry York, Ken Holloway

2003        Jim Gies, Bill Powell

2004        Jim Boyd, Curt Rodgers

2005        John Crouch, Jerry Gay

2006        Eddie Sims, Gary McDonald

2007        Jim Birdwell, Willard Wolf

2008        E.C. Larkin, Bud Sloan

2009        Bobby Baker*, Sonny Booth, Don Eiten*, Chuck Grove, Terry Jaschke*, Lee McCoy*

2010        Bruce Brooks, Gary Kendall, A.J. Smith*

2011        Terry Cotton, Wm. F. (Bill) Lefty, Dick Spader*

2012        Walt Browarny*, Don Cagwin, Dick Carmichael, Jay George, Ed Huff*

2013        Merrill Anderson, Arvin Arthun*, Steve Dorran, Phil Stoll

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