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The Denver Cash Grain Bids…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

Greeley, CO    Tue Sep 30, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily Grain Bids for Denver and Surrounding Areas

Spot bids to producers for grain delivered to terminal and country
elevators.  Bids dollar/bu. except for Barley which is dollar/cwt.
Bids are as of 3:00 PM MST.
Bids         Change (cents)
US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat
Up to 12 percent protein

US 2 Yellow Corn       

US 2 Barley                 

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
Tammy Judson 970-353-9750

1300M   tj


Greeley, CO    Mon Sep 29, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily Grain Bids for Denver and Surrounding Areas

Spot bids to producers for grain delivered to terminal and country
elevators.  Bids dollar/bu. except for Barley which is dollar/cwt.
Bids are as of 3:00 PM MST.
Bids         Change (cents)
US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat       5.01-5.22    3 to 4 higher
Up to 12 percent protein

US 2 Yellow Corn                 2.86-3.55    2 to 3 higher

US 2 Barley                           5.25    steady

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
Tammy Judson 970-353-9750

1300M   tj

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09-30-14 CO Corn News: More E85 Discount Days on the horizon…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

Colorado Corn Logo

E85 PumpethanolpumpAbout half are already behind us, but there are a number of E85 Discount Days coming up in October. Altogether, there are about 25 such events taking place during September and October, during which Western Convenience staff members look to educate the public on the many benefits of E85, with 50-cent discounts on that fuel. Colorado Corn is providing some of the educational materials, and, along with Western Convenience staff, will be on hand at some of the events.

Dates for October include:

  • Oct. 1 – 2775 Briargate Blvd., Colorado Springs
  • Oct. 2 – 1905 West Uintah, Colorado Springs
  • Oct. 2 – 2507 E. Platte Ave., Colorado Springs
  • Oct. 3 – 227 W. Filmore St., Colorado Springs
  • Oct. 3 – 11399 Hwy 24, Divide
  • Oct. 6 – 9190 Huron St., Thorton
  • Oct. 13 – 12702 Lowell Blvd., Broomfield
  • Oct. 14 – 382 East Mountain Ave., Fort Collins
  • Oct. 14 – 1113 W. Drake Road, Fort Collins
  • Oct. 15 – 2387 West 72nd Ave., Denver
  • Oct. 15 – 2301 E. 88th Ave., Thorton
  • Oct. 16 – 1500 N. Main St., Longmont
  • Oct. 16 – 2630 Colorado Blvd., Idaho Springs

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The BARN’s Closing Ag Market Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

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this report is now available by 1pm each weekday!


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BARN In Depth

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014



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09-30-14 WSGA News: WY Stock Growers Land Trust Conserves Ranch for Agricultural Production in Perpetuity…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

WSGA - Wyoming Stock Growers Association Logo

Martin Place looking northCheyenne, Wyoming – The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust completed the Martin Place project conserving 840 acres of productive rangeland in Sublette County. The Martin Place conservation easement, which closed on September 26, complements 14 conservation easements in Sublette County held by the Stock Growers Land Trust and results in a new total of 38,312 acres under easement in that county.    This total includes three easements already completed by landowner Maggie Miller as part of the Sommers Grindstone project.  As with the others, the Martin Place conservation easement will ensure the ranch’s compatibility with agriculture and prevents the ranch from being converted to non-agricultural uses in the future.

The Martin Place has a rich variety of plant and animal diversity as it lies between Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Green River.  South Beaver Creek and its tributaries provide abundant riparian habitat for a number of nesting songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, and shore birds.  The surrounding uplands provide terrestrial habitat for a number of sage brush obligate species including Greater Sage Grouse.  The eastern portion of the ranch is encompassed by the Daniel Sage Grouse Core Area and has been determined by the Wyoming Game and Fish department to provide suitable spring, summer and fall habitat for elk and winter-yearlong habitat for moose.

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09-30-14 Beef Checkoff Teams Up With Ibotta App…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

Beef Checkoff News - Please turn on images to View

Ibotta AppIn cooperation with Ibotta, the 16th most frequently used app in the United States, the beef checkoff recently encouraged customers at two national retailers to choose beef at the meat case. Ibotta shared educational information about freezing beef and about beef nutrition, in addition to sharing the checkoff’s Easy Lean Beef Burger and DIY Taco videos. By engaging with the content, Ibotta users earned a cash rebate for their purchase of Top Sirloin Steak or Ground Beef.

“This app partnership really provided the checkoff with a way to get beef education to the consumer – how to cook, how to freeze ground beef, and nutritional facts,” said Cevin Jones, vice chairman of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee and beef producer from Eden, Idaho. “It also gave us the opportunity to have access to rich consumer data that showed us who is buying, where they are buying, what else they are buying when they buy beef, and the additional purchases that buying beef adds to a consumer’s shopping cart.”

Highlights from the program include:

  • Millennial consumers, those consumers aged 25-34 years, accounted for 44 percent of the redemptions for the beef checkoff’s products
  • The redemption rate was 25 percent, more than 30 percent higher than Ibotta’s systemwide average
  • There were approximately 35,000 redemptions in just the 16 days that the program was active The engagements (tasks) the checkoff offered each had more than a 95-percent completion rate

“A great product and great content is a recipe for success with Ibotta,” said Richard Donahue, vice president of marketing at Ibotta. “The Beef Checkoff Program was a huge success – with hundreds of thousands of videos being viewed on how to cook and store beef, more than 141,000 consumers put beef on their shopping list and 35,000 additional beef purchases being made in just a couple of weeks.”

For more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit

For more information about Ibotta, visit Or, to download the free Ibotta app, visit the App Store or find it on Google Play.

About Ibotta

Ibotta, a Denver-based mobile technology company aims to transform the way companies and retailers think about and execute mobile media and advertising campaigns in conjunction with brand loyalty development. With a one-of-a-kind user experience, the world’s leading brands and retailers continue to make Ibotta a key pillar of their digital programs and in-store growth strategies. With over two billion rebates viewed, 70 million completed brand interactions, and more than $11 million in cash rewards earned by users to date, Ibotta continues to drive brand messaging tracked to direct item level purchases for both in-store and online transactions.

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Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

CLICK HERE to visit the Colorado Field Office Website



All wheat production in Colorado, estimated at 89.8 million bushels, is up 116 percent from 2013, according to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA. All wheat yield was 38.1 bushels per acre, up 12.8 bushels per acre from a year ago.

Winter wheat producers seeded 2.75 million acres in the fall of 2013 for harvest in 2014, up from 2.30 million acres seeded for the previous year’s crop. Acreage harvested for grain increased 720,000 acres to 2.35 million acres in 2014. Winter wheat production is estimated at 89.3 million bushels, up 119 percent from last year. Winter wheat yield, at 38.0 bushels per acre, is up 13.0 bushels per
acre from last year.

Spring wheat seedings, at 9,000 acres, are down 1,000 acres from last year. Acreage harvested totaled 8,000 acres, down from 9,000 acres harvested last year. Spring wheat production is estimated at 512 thousand bushels, down 31 percent from last year. Spring wheat yield, at 64.0 bushels per acre, is down 18.0 bushels per acre from last year.

Oat seedings in Colorado totaled 45,000 acres, down 10,000 acres from last year. Producers harvested 9,000 acres for grain or seed,
down 3,000 acres from 2013. Oat production totaled 540 thousand bushels in 2014, down 31 percent from last year. Oat yield is 60.0 bushels per acre in 2014, down 5.0 bushels per acre from the previous year.

Colorado’s barley seeded area, at 57,000 acres, is down 6,000 acres from last year. Harvested area, at 54,000 acres, is down 4,000 acres from 2013. Barley yield, at 126.0 bushels per acre, is down 7.0 bushels per acre from last year. Barley production in 2014 is estimated at 6.80 million bushels, down 12 percent from the previous year.

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09-30-14 USDA News: Nation’s Ag Co-ops Set Record for Annual Sales and Income…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

View the complete list of recipients...USDA Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack

Co-ops Set Third Consecutive Sales Record; Jobs Increased by 5 percent Last Year

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2014 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that the nation’s farmer, rancher and fishery cooperatives set a new sales record in 2013, with total business volume of more than $246 billion. That surpasses the previous record, set in 2012, by $8 billion, a 4 percent gain. U.S. co-ops also enjoyed robust job growth over the previous year.

This third consecutive year of record sales by ag cooperatives reflects increased sales in the overall farm economy in 2013. U.S. crop production and livestock sales both increased 6 percent in 2013, while production input (farm supply) sales increased 2 percent.

“These sales and net income records for ag cooperatives, combined with strong gains in employees for 2013, underscore the strength and productivity of the nation’s farmer- and rancher-owned cooperatives. These co-ops play a vital and growing role in the nation’s economy,” Vilsack said.

Secretary Vilsack made the announcement to mark the start of National Cooperative Month in October. He also signed a Cooperative Month proclamation that salutes the nation’s entire cooperative business sector, which includes about 30,000 co-ops. In addition to agriculture, the nation’s co-ops play a major role in electricity and telecommunications services, credit and financial services, housing and in many other sectors of the economy.

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09-30-14 Report: Colorado’s Economy Reaps $76,781,000 in Economic Output Thanks to the Sagebrush Ecosystem…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

Sage Grouse Report

CLICK HERE to view the entire report, courtesy of ECONorthwest

SAge Grouse Conserving sage-grouse will protect Colorado’s thriving outdoor recreation economy

Western Values Project today released a report by ECONorthwest that shows that the sagebrush ecosystem—which supports the Greater sage-grouse and hundreds of other wildlife species—generates $76,781,000 in economic output in Colorado’s, and generates over a billion dollars in economic output across the American West.

The report comes as a growing number of western voices from the sportsmen community, business community, outdoor recreation community, energy industry and general public are calling on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and western states to develop strong, proactive, science-based conservation plans for the Greater sage-grouse and its habitat.

A recent, bipartisan poll found that nearly 80 percent of voters across the American West support sage-grouse conservation.

“I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the West where one can still find sage-grouse strutting and I can go hunt elk and deer when fall comes,” said Dr. Reishus a local Coloradan, hunter, and community doctor. “Visitors value this place as well, and whether they are sportsmen or wildlife watchers, their tourist dollars fuel our local economy and help support our way of life.”

The ECONorthwest report indicates that hundreds of millions of dollars in economic output from the outdoor recreation industry could be lost without responsible planning to conserve the Greater sage-grouse and its habitat.

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09-30-14 FSA-CO News: Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Information…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

CLICK HERE to visit USDA-FSA-Colorado's Website

CLICK HERE to visit USDA-FSA-Colorado’s Website

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Information

The Colorado Farm Service Agency has notified County Offices that the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Validation has been disabled for disaster programs payments including, Livestock Forage Program (LFP), Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP), Non-insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP), Non-insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program Frost/Freeze (NAPFF), and Tree Assistance Program (TAP) Payment Processing.

State Executive Director Leland Swenson states this action will enable County FSA Offices to expedite payment processing. The AGI validation has been disabled temporarily for the following years and program payments: Read the rest of this entry »

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09-30-14 Beef Checkoff News: New Look and Feel for…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

Beef Checkoff News - Please turn on images to ViewNEW Website snapshotThe beef checkoff launched a totally on Sept. 28, providing checkoff payers, leaders, staff and media with an easy-to-navigate selection of checkoff resources and information to highlight checkoff programs and results.

For the first time, will display photos and profiles of both Beef Board members and members of the Federation of State Beef Councils who serve on checkoff program committees. Where this is especially important is in another new feature, a “Meeting Center” that incorporates information from the old blog (which will go offline soon) along with new ‘visual rosters’ to help all checkoff payers better understand who represents them on each committee. The meeting center will offer committee materials – such as meeting agendas, minutes, presentations, etc. – as well as reporting from and photos of the meetings, and display it all in the Meeting Center.

The remake modernizes and simplifies organization of materials and makes everything accessible from drop-down menus at the top of every page. In addition, the site is “responsive,” which means it views the same on all electronic devices, from computer to laptop to tablet to smartphone.

“ is really our one-stop source of information about our national $1-per-head beef checkoff,” says Jeanne Harland, chairwoman of the checkoff’s Producer Communications Working Group and a producer from LaFayette, Ill. “Through this site, producers have an opportunity to get to know their checkoff by reading about the latest results of our investments into checkoff programs.”

The home page also features a MyBeefCheckoff Facebook feed, daily news feed, and facts for producers to share via their own social-media platforms.

For more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit the new

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Today’s Colorado Ag News Reports…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

The BARN CoAgNews Network logo

For TODAY’s Colorado’s Ag News with Brian Allmer - CLICK HERE

For CoAgNews Archives – CLICK HERE

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BARN’s Opening Ag Market Report

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

To listen to this morning’s report or archives…


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The BARN’s Ag Market RECAP

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

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nafblogobluegoldcopyFind out what happened in the previous day’s

Agriculture Markets at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

by listening to the BARN’s Ag Market RECAP…


Commentary provided courtesy of the NAFB News Service

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Today’s BARN Morning Ag News

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

The BARN CoAgNews Network logoLISTEN to the BARN’s Morning Ag News

with NAFB Broadcaster Brian Allmer

*As heard on participating BARN Affiliate Radio Stations*



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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Tuesday, September 30th…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 30, 2014

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation


Analysts forecast that the world’s population will grow to 9 billion people by 2050. With global needs today to fight hunger and prepare for the expected population explosion, the industry of agriculture needs educated, skilled and passionate people dedicated to sustainability.

Today’s students are answering that call, evidenced by an explosion in FFA membership throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the past year.

Membership in FFA today stands at 610,240 students up from 579,678 in 2013. Membership increased by more than 30,500 during the 2013-14 school year. The number of new, local FFA chapters throughout the country grew to 7,665.

The Texas FFA Association added more members than any other state, with 8,364 members. Total FFA membership in the Lone Star state stands at 103,379 with 1,021 chapters. California, with 76,470 members, is the country’s second-largest FFA association, followed by Georgia with 37,698 members, Missouri with 25,935 members and Oklahoma with 25,561 members.

Founded in 1928, the National FFA Organization’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

FFA operates at the local, state and national level. Students belong to FFA chapters organized at the local high-or-middle-school level and many students continue their membership through postsecondary education in colleges, universities or technical schools until age 21. For more, visit



Friday’s report by the USDA affirms that no genetically modified wheat is in commerce and that the commercial seed and grain supply does not contain genetically modified wheat. This finding is supported by extensive testing by USDA, state universities, Monsanto and others.

The USDA report also concludes that the unexpected detection of genetically modified wheat in Oregon last May was an isolated event on one farm, one field. Completion of the USDA investigation provides closure for the wheat industry as U.S. wheat growers continue to grow their global business.

Monsanto is committed to working with USDA to identify innovative stewardship practices, technologies and other opportunities to enable continuous improvement. Full compliance is our top priority.

To ensure continuous improvement, Monsanto participates in both the USDA’s Biotechnology Quality Management System Program and the industry’s Excellence Through Stewardship Initiative.

As the report also notes, USDA is reviewing an unrelated situation involving closed-out genetically modified wheat field trials at Montana State University, and Monsanto is cooperating fully with that investigation. In addition, the agency noted there is no evidence that genetically modified wheat is in commerce.

For more information, click here.

USDA has published a Q&A summarizing its investigation and emphasizing that there is no evidence that GM wheat is in commerce.


“Consumers want more pork and they want it now”

According to Purdue University Extension economist Chris Hurt, although pork consumers have paid record-high retail prices this year, they want more. The latest USDA Hogs and Pigs report suggests that pork producers will be able to get more pork to consumers and to get it to them more quickly than had been anticipated.

“The rising volume of pork production over the next year will stand on three legs: lower death losses from PED, higher farrowings from producer expansion, and higher market weights this fall and winter,” Hurt said.

How can pork producers produce more pork quickly?

“The PED virus was not as deadly this summer as was anticipated,” Hurt said. “More baby pigs survived this summer than expected, and that will help boost pork supplies by the end of the year and into the winter. The number of pigs per litter this past summer was down 1.6 percent from the previous summer. This is much smaller than the losses in the previous two quarters. The number of pigs per litter was down 5.5 percent in the winter of 2014 and down 5.1 percent in the spring quarter. This meant that the number of market hogs was about 1 percent higher than expected according to the USDA survey results.”

Even more important to the hog and pork price outlook is what will happen to the number of pigs per litter this fall and winter and further into 2015.

Hurt said that increasing pigs per litter will be based on the low levels from a year ago and on the perceived “improved management” of the disease this fall and winter.

More pigs per litter is one way pork supplies will likely be expanded. Increased sow farrowings is the second way that was revealed by USDA. Producers intend to farrow 4 percent more sows this fall and 4 percent more in the winter.

Breeding herd numbers on Sept. 1 were up 2 percent, or by just over 100,000 head. The biggest portion of this expansion is in two states: Missouri, which was reported to have 40,000 more, and Iowa with 30,000 added head. Other states with noted expansions were: Texas, up 15,000 head, and Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, and Oklahoma with 10,000 additional.


USDA Awards Over $52 Million in Grants to Grow Organic and Local Food Economies

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the award of over $52 million in support of the growing organic industry and local and regional food systems through five U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant programs. The Secretary made the announcement during an event with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe and local farmers at the Virginia State Fair.

“Local and regional food systems are one of the pillars of our efforts to revitalize rural economies,” said Secretary Vilsack. “Consumers are increasingly demanding more local and organic options. Investing in local and regional food systems supports the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers, especially smaller operations, while strengthening economies in communities across the country. Today’s announcements also improve access to fresh, healthy food for millions of Americans.”

Most of the grants announced today were authorized through the Agricultural Act of 2014 (the 2014 Farm Bill.  These investments represent USDA’s commitment to strengthening organic and local and regional food systems through projects that recruit and train farmers, expand economic opportunities, and increase access to healthy foods.

Secretary Vilsack made the announcement while in Virginia, where M. James Faison, a farmer and business owner of Milton’s Local Harvest, was awarded a Local Food Promotion Program grant. Milton’s Local Harvest will develop aggregation and wholesale distribution channels for farmers producing local swine and cattle products in Virginia and the District of Columbia. The project will improve the commercial viability of small to medium scale farmers, allowing wholesalers to source locally and increasing consumer access to local, sustainable, and healthy meat.

USDA’s AMS awarded over $27 million in competitive grants to expand marketing through the new Local Food Marketing Promotion Program (LFPP) and the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP). LFPP will invest millions annually in marketing and promotion activities for local food enterprises including food hubs, aggregation businesses, local food processors, farm to institution activities and other similar efforts. FMPP makes annual investments in marketing and promotion activities for farmers markets, CSAs and other direct producer-to-consumer outlets for local food.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service


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09-29-14 *USDA/NASS-CO* September Grain Prices: CO Release…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

USDA NASS Regional News Release header

September Farm Prices Received Index Decreased 3 Points

The preliminary All Farm Products Index of Prices Received by Farmers in September, at 106 percent, based on 2011=100, decreased 3 points (2.8 percent) from August. The Crop Index is down 3 points (3.3 percent) but the Livestock Index was unchanged. Producers received lower prices for hogs, corn, soybeans, and cattle. Higher prices were received for broilers, milk, strawberries, and apples. In addition to prices, the overall index is also affected by the seasonal change based on a 3-year average mix of commodities producers sell. Increased monthly movement of soybeans, corn, potatoes, and calves offset the decreased marketing of cattle, wheat, cotton, and barley. The preliminary All Farm Products Index is up 3 points (2.9 percent) from September 2013. The Food Commodities Index, at 119, decreased 1 point (0.8 percent) from last month but increased 13 points (12 percent) from September 2013.

Prices Paid Index Unchanged

The September Index of Prices Paid for Commodities and Services, Interest, Taxes, and Farm Wage Rates (PPITW) is at 111 (2011=100). The index is unchanged from August but 4 points (3.7 percent) above September 2013. Higher prices in September for feeder cattle, potash & phosphate, LP gas, and herbicides offset lower prices for complete feeds, feeder pigs, hay & forages, and feed grains.

For a full copy of the report please visit For state specific questions please contact: Read the rest of this entry »

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09-29-14 Beef Checkoff News: 2015 National Beef Ambassadors Selected…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

Beef Checkoff News - Please turn on images to View

2015 National Beef Ambassadors

 (Pictured L to R: Kalyn McKibben, Rachel Purdy, Will Pohlman, Alicia Smith and Demi Snider.)

Thirty of the nation’s best beef industry youth spokespersons competed.  

Rachel Purdy (Wyoming), Will Pohlman (Arkansas), Alicia Smith (Texas), Kalyn McKibben (Oklahoma), Demi Snider (Ohio) were chosen as the 2015 National Beef Ambassador Team at the annual National Beef Ambassador competition, which is funded in part by the beef checkoff and managed by the American National CattleWomen, Inc, contractor to the beef checkoff.

Twenty senior contestants, ages 17-21, were judged in the areas of consumer promotion, education and outreach strategy, media-interview technique and issues response at the event in Denver, Sept. 26-27.

Contestants from throughout the country vied for a spot on this elite team of agriculture advocates and for the $5,000 in cash prizes sponsored exclusively by Farm Credit. Additionally, five educational scholarships totaling $5,000 were awarded by the American National CattleWomen Foundation, Inc. and Monsanto.

This year’s contest also hosted a junior competition for youth beef-industry advocates, ages 12-16. Ten passionate contestants vied for cash prizes, competing in three judged categories: consumer promotion, media-interview technique and issues response. The first-place winner was Phillip Saunders (Virginia). The second place winner was Bret Lee (Louisiana), and the third place winner was Abbey Schiefelbein (Minnesota). They all took home checks from Farm Credit for their top scores.

While preparing for this national beef promotion and education competition, youth across the nation learn about beef and the beef industry with support from state CattleWomen and Cattlemen’s associations and state beef councils. The preparation highlights industry issues of current consumer interest. Winners of the state competitions compete at the national level, where they receive additional training. After the event, the youth ambassadors speak to industry issues and misconceptions and educate their peers and meal-time decision makers about beef nutrition, cattle care, safety and more during consumer events, in the classroom and online.

Follow the National Beef Ambassadors on Twitter at @beefambassador and or for more information.

For more information about your beef checkoff investment, visit

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09-29-14 CO Corn OpEd: New website a one-stop shop for info on drawbacks of Prop 105, mandatory GMO labeling…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

No on Prop 105 Header

Go to

TColorado Corn Logohe No On 105 Coalition this week launched its website, which will serve as an information and resource hub during this election season, explaining to the public why voting “No” on Proposition 105 in November is critical.

Proposition 105 would mandate a whole separate food-labeling system for Colorado that doesn’t exist in any other state. This would put Colorado farmers and food producers at a competitive disadvantage, increase our production costs and regulatory burdens, and ultimately raise food prices for Colorado families. Additionally, Proposition 105 is so badly written that it would result in misleading and inaccurate information on food labels in our state.

The No On 105 Coalition is made up of hundreds of diverse individuals and organizations representing thousands of farmers, consumers, businesses and taxpayers across Colorado – including the Colorado Corn Growers Association – and is using the new website to educate voters on such drawbacks.  Read the rest of this entry »

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09-29-14 *NASS-CO NEWS* Colorado Crop Progress Report for September 29th, 2014…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

CLICK HERE to visit the USDA/NASS Website

CLICK HERE to visit the USDA/NASS Website

Agricultural Summary: As warm, dry conditions persisted last week, field activities gained prevalence and were maintained at an accelerated pace similar to the week prior. Precipitation was received along the Western Slope while isolated events occurred in the eastern district with trace amounts elsewhere. Emergence of dry areas was noted by reporters in the northeastern district as precipitation has waned in previous weeks. However, no immediate concerns of crop quality were addressed. Statewide, farmers were allowed 6.5 days in the field for operations.
Small Grains:  Harvesting activities for spring wheat continued behind average, with 83 percent of the spring wheat crop harvested by week’s end. Winter wheat was 71 percent planted as of last week, up from 42 percent a week earlier. This is ahead of 53 percent last year and 64 percent on average. Thirty-four percent was emerged, continuing ahead of last year and the average.
Row Crops: Maturity of corn was estimated at 39 percent, up 23 percentage points from the week earlier. Harvest activities gained momentum last week, with 6 percent harvested by week’s end. Eighty-five percent of the corn crop intended for silage has been harvested, compared with 86 percent last year and 84 percent on average. Dry beans were 72 percent cut while 42 percent has been harvested, up from last week’s respective figures of 45 and 22 percent. On average, dry beans are 52 percent harvested by now. Onions were 51 percent harvested, behind 58 percent last year and the average of 71 percent. San Luis Valley potatoes were 36 percent harvested, up from 22 percent previously. Potatoes outside the San Luis Valley were 92 percent harvested, compared with 95 percent last year and the average of 80 percent. Sorghum was 86 percent coloring, 44 percent mature, and 5 percent was harvested compared with the averages of 93, 41, and 5 percent, respectively. 24% of the sugarbeet crop was harvested, compared with 9 percent a year ago and 14 percent on average
Pasture and Range: Pasture and range conditions were rated 65 percent fair to good across the State. Last year, 54 percent was rated fair to good while 53 percent is fair to good on average. The third and fourth cuttings of alfalfa hay were estimated at 89 and 26 percent complete, respectively. On average, the third and fourth cuttings are 85 and 30 percent complete, respectively.
Livestock: Death losses for cattle and sheep remainedmostly average to light. Stored feed supplies were rated 5 percent very short, 12 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 11 percent surplus, unchanged from the previous week’s figures.

To view the Sept 29th, 2014 USDA/NASS Colorado Crop Progress Report – CLICK HERE

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09-29-14 CSU / CO FFA NEWS: Blue Jacket Society Breakfast and Groundbreaking Ceremony on Oct 4th “Ag Day”…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

Floor plan_Birds eye 8.5 x 11.indde EconomicsImportance of agricultural education

Having met its goal of raising $3.3 million for the new center, CSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences will soon begin construction north of campus at the college’s Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center. The Colorado FFA Foundation led the campaign and partnered with the college to help raise funds and work with donors – individuals and corporations – interested in contributing to the building.Recent studies have shown a significant decline in the number of agriculture teachers in K-12 schools across the nation. With its new CoBank Center for Agricultural Education set to break ground soon, CSU will be uniquely-positioned to help fill this void and ensure that agricultural education remains a core component of K-12 education, not just here in Colorado but across the United States.

CoBank Center for Agricultural Education

The CoBank Center for Agricultural Education will encompass more than 14,000 square feet, with customized laboratory, technology, teaching and office space. It also will include special exhibit space for the newly named Farm Credit Colorado Agriculture Hall of Fame, a signature program of the Colorado FFA Foundation. Not only will the center function as an academic space for faculty, staff, and students, but it will also serve as a community meeting space, bringing together individuals from the agricultural industry, rural communities, and local schools.

CLICK HERE to WATCH both events on Oct 4th from CSU's ARDEC...

CLICK HERE to WATCH both events on Oct 4th from CSU’s ARDEC…

‘Growing need’

“There is a growing need for agricultural educators, especially in K-12 schools,” said Craig Beyrouty, dean of Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences. “This new center will position our students for success as they enter the job market and will make our agricultural education program a highly sought after destination for new students.”

CSU students focused on agricultural education have a high success rate in finding jobs after graduation due in part to the reduced number of agricultural educators available in the marketplace, in Colorado and across the country. Even more importantly, leadership training and an appreciation for pressing global issues are hallmarks of CSU’s agricultural education program. Graduates of this program are positioned to become experts in education, industry and government in areas of global importance such as feeding a growing global population and providing safe and nutritious food to people around the world.

“The new Center for Agricultural Education will benefit the students in Ag Ed by equipping us with the tools to be well prepared as we enter into agricultural instructor positions,” said Shauna Brown, a junior Agricultural Education major. “This building sets us apart from other agricultural education programs in the country and ultimately sets us up for success as we move into our future positions. I am excited for the hands-on opportunities and the experience I will gain working in the classroom. Once again, CSU, and specifically the College of Agricultural Sciences, is going above and beyond to make sure our time here at the university is well spent. I want to thank the many donors and the university for the support that makes this building possible.”

Producing food for the global population

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09-29-14 CDA NEWS: Fall is the Perfect Time to Experience Colorado Agriculture…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

CLICK HERE to learn more...

CLICK HERE to learn more…

CDA NEW main logo 051414BROOMFIELD, Colo. – The air is crisp and hues of red, orange and yellow dot the landscape. There is no better place to enjoy fall in Colorado than on a farm or ranch. This time of year brings a variety of family events involving agriculture including pumpkin patches and corn mazes. To help people explore agritourism in the state, the Colorado Department of Agriculture lists a variety of seasonal activities online at

“Colorado’s harvest continues well into the fall,” said Wendy White, marketing specialist for the Colorado Department of Agriculture. “It really is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy our beautiful agricultural landscape, and have a little fun too.”

Online resources include a list featuring corn mazes across the state as well as harvest festivals and pumpkin patches. The site also lists farmers’ markets, bird watching trails, wineries, breweries, agricultural festivals, ranch vacations and more.

Pumpkin Picking Tips: When selecting your pumpkin, choose a gourd that is heavy for its size, clean, well-shaped with no cracks in the rind and avoid those with soft spots or decay. More than just a beautiful decoration, pumpkins are nutritious. They are fat free, sodium free, a good source of Vitamin C and an excellent source of Vitamin A.

For more information, visit or call (303) 869-9175.

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09-29-14 National Sheep Improvement Survey Underway…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

NSIP-logo-150x150U.S. sheep producers are encouraged to participate before Oct. 10 in an online survey about improving the quality of the U.S. sheep flock.

This survey is being conducted by the National Sheep Improvement Association (NSIP), a non-profit group led by industry volunteers, whose sole purpose is to improve the quality of sheep and goats in the U.S. As a result of the American Lamb Industry Roadmap Project, which concluded that a major barrier to growth and prosperity in the U.S. sheep industry is quality, NSIP is taking a fresh look at how it can better serve U.S. sheep producers.

To take the survey, go to or send an email to with the subject “Link to Survey.”

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09-29-14 CDA News: Biological Control Enlisted to Help Manage Emerald Ash Borer in Colorado…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

CEABRT-CO Emerald ASh Borer Response Team logoTetrastichus adult wasp-APHIS Tetrastichus larvae under bark-APHISBOULDER, Colo. – Stingless, parasitic wasps that target and kill emerald ash borer (EAB), a highly destructive tree pest that poses a serious threat to Colorado’s urban forests, will be releasedtomorrow in Boulder to help control the borer’s spread. More than a thousand Tetrastichus planipennisi, which target EAB larvae specifically, will be brought into an area of known infestation by experts on the interagency Colorado EAB Response Team.*


The Colorado Department of Agriculture, University of Colorado and City of Boulder worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to obtain the wasps as biocontrol measures, to help suppress EAB populations in the city and manage the insect’s potential future spread. The release will occur on the East Campus of the University of Colorado.

“Biocontrols like these won’t eradicate EAB, but they are additional tools we can utilize in our integrated management approach to help control EAB in Colorado,” said Mitch Yergert, Director, CDA Plant Industry Division and incident commander for the EAB Response Team.

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Livestock Exchange, LLC Weekly Update…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 29, 2014

Livestock Exchange LLC logo2









(BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO) - Each week, Auctioneer Tyler Knode with Livestock Exchange, LLC. in Brush, CO will be inside the BARN on the Colorado Ag News Network providing a RECAP of the previous week’s auctions and also a PREVIEW of upcoming cattle & hay auctions…


Summer Sale Schedule continues…(NO SALES ON FRIDAY THRU THE SUMMER)

09/29 – 


*********************ARCHIVED Livestock Exchange, LLC. RECAP & PREVIEW UPDATES***************************

09/22 -


For more information about Livestock Exchange, LLC – CLICK HERE

To listen to previous Livestock Exchange, LLC Updates – CLICK HERE

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09-26-14 National Child’s Center News: Child agricultural safety grants offered – up to $20,000: Apply Before Nov 7th…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 26, 2014

National Childrens Center logoThe National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety is offering three mini-grants of up to $20,000 each to support small-scale projects and pilot studies that address prevention of childhood agricultural disease and injury. Highest funding priority will be given to projects that:

  1. Address issues pertaining to barriers, motivators and interventions for keeping young children out of the farm worksite.
  2. Address vulnerable populations (e.g., immigrant workers’ children, Anabaptists, African Americans, and Native Americans).
  3. Test safety strategies with new partners (e.g., insurers, bankers, equipment dealers, media).

Application Deadline: November 7, 2014

Information on eligibility, priority topics and the application process is available at and is attached.

 Submitted to BARN Media by:

Scott Heiberger, communications specialist

National Farm Medicine Center

1000 N. Oak Ave.

Marshfield, WI  54449-5790

(715) 389-7541; 1-800-662-6900

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09-26-14 CFB News: Colorado Farm Bureau to Present “Friend of Farm Bureau Award” to US Representative Cory Gardner…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 26, 2014

Centennial, Colo. – September 26, 2014The Friend of Farm Bureau award is given at the end of each Congress to members of Congress whose voting records align with the American Farm Bureau Federation’s priority issues established by the Board of Directors, the number of bills that a member sponsored or their leadership role on a Farm Bureau priority issues, and how accessible and responsive that member was to Farm Bureau members and leaders. Gardner was nominated for this award by Colorado Farm Bureau and  the American Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors approved this nomination.

Colorado Farm Bureau will present the Friend of Farm Bureau award to Representative Cory Gardner, to recognize his tireless efforts to protect Colorado farmers and ranchers private property rights from government overreach and for tax reform to allow farms and ranches to be passed from one generation to the next. Read the rest of this entry »

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09-26-14 CSU Ag Day 2014 on October 4th: Food, fun and football – all for scholarships: GET YOUR TIX TODAY!

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 26, 2014

CSU-AgDay-Logo2014-300x245CSU Ag Day 2013 college student jpegFORT COLLINS – Thousands of Colorado State University students, alumni and friends are expected at Ag Day 2014, the 33rd annual football-day feast of Colorado-grown food.

Ag Day will run 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4 on the south side of Hughes Stadium off Overland Trail in Fort Collins. The barbecue is open to the public and precedes the football game between the CSU Rams and Tulsa Golden Hurricane ; kickoff is at 1 p.m.

Advance meal tickets cost $17 each and may be purchased in combination with football tickets. Tickets and information are available on the Ag Day website at

Ag Day showcases the bounty of Colorado agriculture while funding scholarships for students in the CSU College of Agricultural Sciences. During 2013-14, 19 CSU students received Ag Day scholarships.

“The College of Agricultural Sciences is pleased to help host Ag Day. It’s a hallmark event at CSU, and draws more than 3,000 people for a delicious game-day meal and a celebration of our state’s rich agricultural heritage,” said Craig Beyrouty, college dean and event co-chair. “Beyond the fun, it’s amazing to consider how many students have benefitted from Ag Day scholarships.”

Colorado’s leading commodity groups partner with the College of Agricultural Sciences to plan the event and provide the Ag Day feast.

The menu includes Colorado beef, pork, lamb, potatoes, beans, wheat and dairy products, watermelon and drinks.

Ag Day highlights
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09-26-14 *USDA/NASS-CO* Colorado’s 2014 Agricultural Statistics Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 26, 2014

(BarnMediaBriggsdale, CO) – Sept 26, 2014 – On Sept 26th, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the CO Agricultural Statistics Report and in to discuss that in  more detail is Bill Meyer, USDA-NASS CO Field Office Director…Bill, welcome back Inside the BARN…



NASS-CO Ag Stats 2014

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09-25-14 CO Sorghum Field Days set for October 1st in Akron, Brandon and Walsh…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 25, 2014


2014 Sorghum Field Days Akron

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09-25-14 USDA News: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Unveils Key New Risk Management Program…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 25, 2014



View the complete list of recipients...
USDA Ag Secretary Tom VilsackWASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2014 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled highly anticipated new programs to help farmers better manage risk, ushering in one of the most significant reforms to U.S. farm programs in decades.

Vilsack also announced that new tools are now available to help provide farmers the information they need to choose the new safety net program that is right for their business.

“The 2014 Farm Bill represented some of the largest farm policy reforms in decades. One of the Farm Bill’s most significant reforms is finally taking effect,” said Vilsack. “Farming is one of the riskiest businesses in the world. These new programs help ensure that risk can be effectively managed so that families don’t lose farms that have been passed down through generations because of events beyond their control. But unlike the old direct payment program, which paid farmers in good years and bad, these new initiatives are based on market forces and include county – and individual – coverage options. These reforms provide a much more rational approach to helping farmers manage risk.”

The new programs, Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC), are cornerstones of the commodity farm safety net programs in the 2014 Farm Bill, legislation that ended direct payments. Both programs offer farmers protection when market forces cause substantial drops in crop prices and/or revenues. Producers will have through early spring of 2015 to select which program works best for their businesses.

To help farmers choose between ARC and PLC, USDA helped create online tools that allow farmers to enter information about their operation and see projections about what each program will mean for them under possible future scenarios. The new tools are now available at USDA provided $3 million to the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri and the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) at Texas A&M (co-leads for the National Association of Agricultural and Food Policy), along with the University of Illinois (lead for the National Coalition for Producer Education) to develop the new programs.

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09-25-14 National Sage Grouse Initiative: “Achieving conservation through sustainable ranching”…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 25, 2014

LISTEN to the interview…


Sage Grouse Initiative logo 3TimGriffiths_NRCS-MT_SGI-NatCoordinatorBRIGGSDALE, CO – September 25th, 2014— The National Sage Grouse Initiative is a new paradigm for conserving at-risk wildlife that works through voluntary cooperation, incentives, and community support. Joining the Colorado Ag News Network inside the BARN to discuss the National Sage Grouse Initiative, is Tim Griffiths, Sage Grouse Initiative National Coordinator, NRCS, Bozeman, Montana. Tim provides leadership and resources to conserve sage grouse populations and to sustain healthy rangelands and rural ways of life that support them. He grew up in Klamath Basin in southern Oregon, obtained his degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University, and has spent his entire career working to achieve fish and wildlife conservation through sustainable agriculture and to reduce regulatory burdens associated with the Endangered Species Act. In 2011, Tim received the Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award for his work on the agency’s major sage grouse conservation initiative.

For more information about the Sage Grouse Initiative – CLICK HERE.

Or contact Tim Griffiths, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service @ 10 East Babcock Street, Federal Building, Room 443, Bozeman, MT 59715  |  406.600.3908  |

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09-24-14 Conserving Nature’s Resources Educational Event Brings Together Conservation, Natural Resources and Energy Discussions in Loveland, CO on Oct 7th…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 24, 2014

CNR - Conserving Natures Resources logo2NORTHERN COLO. – Aug. 27, 2014 – Have you wondered what affects gas prices?  How farmers and ranchers grow healthy and safe crops and livestock? Or how conservation, agriculture, nature and energy can all co-exist without affecting the exceptional quality of life we have here in northern Colorado?

These issues are top-of-mind for our community and it is time for families to have the opportunity to learn directly from those on the ground and in the field. Conserving Nature’s Resources, a free, public educational event held at Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO), brings together conservation, energy and agriculture representatives and resources so that attendees can ask questions, evaluate information and make informed decisions about important issues affecting northern Colorado today. The event will be held Tuesday, Oct. 7 from 5-7 p.m.

The event has several educational components to help attendees better understand these topics. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Come and talk to families, farmers, ranchers, water conservationists and workers in various industries, who have direct experience in these industries.
  • Hear presentations that showcase real-world accounts of how conservation and energy work together in our community.
  • Connect with other community members and families while visiting booths, listening to presentations and enjoying the beautiful outdoor space available at CYO.
  • Enjoy complimentary food and beverages for the entire family, plus kid-friendly activities.

The event is free and open to the public. RSVP’s through the website are encouraged due to limited space.

Learn more online at

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09-23-14 Op-Ed: EPA Power Plant Rule a Bad Deal for Everyone…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 23, 2014

Jerry Sonnenberg, Colorado State Representative, District 65

Jerry Sonnenberg, Colorado State Representative, District 65

EPA Power Plant Rule a Bad Deal for Everyone – Op-Ed from CO State Representative Jerry Sonnenberg (R-District #65)

It is virtually impossible to overstate the importance of readily available access to safe, affordable and reliable energy to individual prosperity and economic well-being. Energy impacts nearly all aspects of life, from the gasoline pumped into cars to the electricity needed to power factories and industries.

Consequently, any federal environmental regulations created and imposed by bureaucrats from Washington, D.C. will have far reaching impacts.

The latest in a long line of overly burdensome and redundant regulations was put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency in early June of this year. The EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan would require a 30 percent reduction in nationwide carbon dioxide emissions from power plants relative to 2005 levels.

On the surface, this may sound like a positive development, especially since greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, are a primary cause of global climate change. The reality, however, is that the EPA’s new rule would offer a whole lot of pain for relatively little gain.

If finalized, the EPA’s proposal could cause tremendous harm to the economy by raising electricity prices and causing significant job losses. By the EPA’s own estimates, electricity prices nationwide would increase by an average of between 6 and 7 percent and up to 12 percent in some locations. Furthermore, the United Mine Workers of America estimate that by 2035, the total cumulative direct and indirect job losses in the utility, rail and coal industries will top 4.2 million jobs lost as a result of the proposal. It should be noted that jobs in these three industries are typically high-wage, high-skilled positions.

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09-15-14 CO Farm Bureau News: ColoradoAg Political Action Committee Announces 2014 Candidate Endorsements…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 15, 2014


CFB-Colorado Farm Bureau Logo LGCentennial, Colo. – September 15, 2014 – The ColoradoAg Political Committee (ColoradoAg PAC) announced its endorsements for the Colorado General Assembly’s general elections today. The ColoradoAg PAC endorsed 21 House of Representative candidates and 11 Senate candidates.

“The ColoradoAg PAC is pleased to announce its endorsements for the 2014 Colorado General Assembly’s general election,” said Don Korrey, chairman of the ColoradoAg PAC. “We take our endorsement process seriously. These candidates have shown they understand that to lead Colorado properly and to ensure our state’s future, the agricultural community must be preserved and protected.”

The ColoradoAg PAC endorsements were based primarily on the candidate’s responsiveness to a questionnaire sent by the ColoradoAg PAC, and their stance on agricultural issues before the Colorado General Assembly as noted in the 2014 Colorado Farm Bureau legislative scorecard.

“It is our belief these candidates are looking out for the best interests of Colorado farmers and ranchers,” Korrey said.

Below is the list of ColoradoAg PAC endorsements for the 2014 Colorado House of Representatives and Senate general election. The list is in order by House/Senate District: 

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09-11-14 Statement by Don Shawcroft, President, Colorado Farm Bureau Regarding Proposition 105…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 11, 2014

This is the following statement on behalf of the Colorado Farm Bureau regarding the CIR and Proposition 105, which will be on Colorado’s November ballot.

“Proposition 105 misleads consumers, it does not tell them which foods contain GMO’s and which do not; and it will unfairly hurt Colorado’s family farmer and ranchers by placing us at a competitive disadvantage,” said Don Shawcroft, rancher and president of Colorado Farm Bureau. “This is a deeply flawed and misleading initiative and I believe Colorado voters will agree with the facts and Colorado farmers and ranchers, and vote no on Proposition 105.”

“I’m proud to see Coloradans standing together – organic and traditional family farmers, ranchers, chefs, medical experts, taxpayers, grocery stores, food companies and business owners and consumers – joining together to defeat Proposition 105,” Shawcroft said. “This diverse and rapidly growing coalition has joined together to provide Colorado voters with the facts; Proposition 105 is deeply flawed, costly and misleading proposal, and deserves a no vote.”

Colorado Farm Bureau is the state’s largest grassroots organization with over 24,000 members. Colorado Farm Bureau seeks to promote and protect the future of agriculture and rural values.

To learn more & become a CFB Member – CLICK HERE

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Posted by Brian Allmer on September 11, 2014

healthy-democracy-logoRequires food that has been genetically modified or treated with genetically modified material to be labeled.


This Citizens’ Statement was developed by an independent panel of 20 Colorado voters, chosen at random from the voting population of Colorado, and balanced to fairly reflect the state’s voting population. The panel has issued this statement after 3.5 days of hearings and deliberation.


  • Sixty-four countries around the world require GMO labeling, and 16 of the top 25 countries that import Colorado food products require GMO labeling. Many US food manufacturers already label their foods that contain GMOs for export to these countries.
  • Labels required by Proposition 105 would not tell consumers which ingredients in a packaged food product are GMOs, or what percentage of the product is GMO ingredients.
  • Existing food labels already give consumers a reliable way to choose foods without GE ingredients, such as “organic” and “non-GMO” labels.
  • Approximately 2/3 of the foods and beverages we buy and consume would be exempt. Meat and dairy products would be exempt even if they come from animals raised on GMO feed and grain. All alcoholic beverages, food for immediate consumption served in restaurants and other institutions would also be exempt, even if they contain GMO ingredients.
  • Proposition 105 is not a ban or a warning on GMOs. The proposition proposes labeling only.
  • Genetic modification takes certain genes from one species and puts them into a different species. This is different from hybridization, which is a cross between two naturally compatible varieties within the same species.
  • Proposition 105 would not give consumers reliable information about which foods contain GMOs and which don’t. Many foods would require labels even if they don’t contain GMOs. Others would be exempt even if they contain or are made with GMOs.
  • Prop 105 will require imported/out of state products to comply with Colorado GMO labeling requirements.
  • Documenting and labeling foods as GM will require oversight, compliance, record keeping, and handling, and therefore may increase costs for farmers, food producers and consumers.
  • No long-term epidemiological studies in humans have been carried out to determine whether there are any health effects associated with GM food consumption.

These findings were agreed to by a supermajority of the panel 11 to 9 was the final vote… Read the rest of this entry »

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09-09-14 Grant gives new life to district’s math and science education in Kiowa County School District RE-1 in CO…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 9, 2014

 Listen to the interview with Jon Bailey, a science teacher @ the Kiowa County School District RE-1 in Eads…


Pictured left to right: Justin McCloud (middle school math and science teacher), Betsy Barnett (Principal), Robert Brachtenbach (Monsanto Rep), Jon Bailey (high school science teacher), Glenn Smith (Superintendent).

Pictured left to right: Justin McCloud (middle school math and science teacher), Betsy Barnett (Principal), Robert Brachtenbach (Monsanto Rep), Jon Bailey (high school science teacher), Glenn Smith (Superintendent).

GrowRuralEducationGraphicEADS, Colo. (September 9, 2014) – The Kiowa County School District RE-1 has received a $25,000 grant from America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. The district will use the funds for technology and curriculum upgrades in the middle school and high school math and science programs. More than 68% of the students in the district will see positive changes in their classes as a result of the learning enhancements this grant will provide.

Both schools will benefit from new SMART boards in math classrooms, upgraded lab equipment in science classrooms, and the creation of a Science Olympiad team, which will involve 12-15 middle school and 20-25 high school students. This new team gives students the opportunity to become more involved in their math and science education, by competing against other students from around the region.

“By purchasing the new materials the science classes will be able to be more hands on and create more interest in the fields of science and math,” said Jon Bailey, science teacher at Eads High School. “This approach to learning provides our students with a higher level of education to better prepare them for the real world.”  Through this funding, Bailey is also implementing Chemistry 101, a course that will allow juniors and seniors to gain college credit in chemistry while still enrolled in high school.

In this agriculture-focused community, investing in science and math education is important to the success and continuation of family farms. The community relies on its youth to help out on the farm, where they can incorporate new farming practices and what they have learned in school.

“One of the biggest things we want to get out of this program is to get more students interested in careers in science and math, where there are lots of jobs to be filled,” said Bailey. “We are looking to prepare our kids for the next step in their lives and encourage them to reach out and look for a career that will help benefit the community.” Read the rest of this entry »

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09-04-14 FSA-CO: Colorado Livestock Producers Urged to Enroll in Disaster Assistance Program by October 1st…

Posted by Brian Allmer on September 4, 2014


TN_LelandSwenson1111Denver CO, September 3, 2014 – Colorado Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director, Leland Swenson, is encouraging all Colorado livestock producers who have suffered eligible disaster-related losses to contact their local FSA office to secure assistance by Sept. 30, 2014. After September 30, 2014, congressionally mandated payment reductions will take place for producers who have not acted before that date.
Swenson stated, “In just four months, the Colorado Farm Service Agency local offices have assisted over 3,800 livestock producers and distributed more than $68 million dollars in disaster benefits. These dollars have been critical for producers looking to recover from the multi-year drought, rebuild their herds and pay off debts.” Livestock producers that have experienced grazing losses since October 2011 and may be eligible for benefits, but have not yet contacted their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office should do so as soon as possible.

The Budget Control Act passed by Congress in 2011 requires USDA to implement reductions of 7.3 percent to the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP) in the new fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, 2014. However, producers seeking LFP support who have scheduled appointments with their local FSA office before Oct. 1, even if the appointment occurs after Oct.1, will not see reductions in the amount of disaster relief they receive.

USDA is encouraging producers to register, request an appointment or begin a Livestock Forage Disaster Program application with their county FSA office before Oct. 1, 2014, to lock in the current zero percent sequestration rate. As an additional aid to qualified producers applying for LFP, the Farm Service Agency has developed an online registration that enables farmers and ranchers to put their names on an electronic list before the deadline to avoid reductions in their disaster assistance. This is an alternative to visiting or contacting the county office. To place a name on the Livestock Forage Disaster Program list online, visit

Producers who already contacted the county office and have an appointment scheduled, need do nothing more. Read the rest of this entry »

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08-28-14 FREE BQA Certifications from Sept 1st – Oct 31st…

Posted by Brian Allmer on August 28, 2014

Beef Checkoff News - Please turn on images to ViewBeef Quality Assurance certification gives producers tools to provide the safest and highest quality beef to consumers.

For the third time, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) is supporting the checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program by sponsoring all online certifications this fall for producers who enroll from September 1-October 31.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. BIVI will pick up the $25-$50 certification fee for beef or dairy producers who are interested in becoming certified or recertified during this period. to take advantage of the open certification period.

The BQA program is important to the cattle industry as it gives producers a set of best practices for producing a safe and high quality beef product. And for dairy producers, this offering is also beneficial as a large percentage of dairy calves and market cows make their way into the food chain.

The BQA certification modules are customized to fit the specific needs of each segment of the cattle industry – cow-calf, stocker, feedyard and dairy operations. The program covers best management practices such as proper handling and administration of vaccinations and other products, eliminating injection site blemishes, and better cattle-handling principles.

“One of the challenges that beef producers face is having all of their employees become BQA-certified,” says Dr. Jerry Woodruff, Professional Services Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. “Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica’s partnership with BQA helps offset some of those expenses, and we encourage producers and their employees to use the web-based training programs.”

More than 11,000 producers have taken advantage of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.’s BQA certification partnership. Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.’s partnership also includes financial support of the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University, which developed the certification module.

To become BQA certified, or learn more about the program, visit

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