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10-23-14 *USDA/NASS-CO* LIVESTOCK SLAUGHTER – September 2014…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

Commercial red meat production for the United States totaled 3.96 billion pounds in September, up 1 percent from the 3.94 billion pounds produced in September 2013.
Beef production, at 2.07 billion pounds, was slightly below the previous year. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.53 million head, down 3 percent from September 2013. The average live weight was up 31 pounds from the previous year, at  1,344 pounds.
Veal production totaled 7.2 million pounds, 16 percent below September a year ago. Calf slaughter totaled 42,300 head,  down 33 percent from September 2013. The average live weight was up 57 pounds from last year, at 291 pounds.
Pork production totaled 1.87 billion pounds, up 2 percent from the previous year. Hog slaughter totaled 8.83 million head, down 2 percent from September 2013. The average live weight was up 10 pounds from the previous year, at 283 pounds.
Lamb and mutton production, at 12.3 million pounds, was up 5 percent from September 2013. Sheep slaughter totaled 191,900 head, 4 percent above last year. The average live weight was 128 pounds, up 2 pounds from September a year ago.
January to September 2014 commercial red meat production was 35.1 billion pounds, down 4 percent from 2013. Accumulated beef production was down 6 percent from last year, veal was down 13 percent, pork was down 1 percent from last year, and lamb and mutton production was down slightly
For a full copy of the Livestock Slaughter report please visit
For state specific questions please contact: 

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The Denver Cash Grain Bids…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

Greeley, CO    Thu Oct 23, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily Grain Bids for Denver and Surrounding Areas

Spot bids to producers for grain delivered to terminal and country
elevators.  Bids dollar/bu. except for Barley which is dollar/cwt.
Bids are as of 3:00 PM MST.
Bids         Change (cents)
US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat       5.45-5.70    steady
Up to 12 percent protein

US 2 Yellow Corn                 3.20-3.50    7 higher

US 2 Barley                           5.25    steady

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
Tammy Judson 970-353-9750

1300M   tj


Greeley, CO    Wed Oct 22, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Daily Grain Bids for Denver and Surrounding Areas

Spot bids to producers for grain delivered to terminal and country
elevators.  Bids dollar/bu. except for Barley which is dollar/cwt.
Bids are as of 3:00 PM MST.
Bids        Change (cents)
US 1 Hard Red Winter Wheat      5.45-5.70    3 higher
Up to 12 percent protein

US 2 Yellow Corn                3.13-3.43    3 lower

US 2 Barley                          5.25    steady

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
Tammy Judson 970-353-9750

1300M  tj

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The BARN’s Closing Ag Market Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

The BARN CoAgNews Network logo


this report is now available by 1pm each weekday!


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10-23-14 NFU Says WTO Ruling On COOL Shows USDA Moving in Right Direction, Points Out No Need for Congressional Involvement…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

NFU - National Farmers Union logo5

WASHINGTON (Oct. 23, 2014) – National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson said that the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) recent ruling on Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) clearly shows U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is headed in right direction.

“This ruling demonstrates the legitimate nature of the COOL objective and finds that the current labeling rule is an improvement over the original rule, but it remains unbalanced between consumer information and production costs,” said Johnson. “This decision, as it has been issued, will likely be modified on appeal and NFU strongly urges USTR to appeal the ruling.”

Johnson moderated the panel discussion, and was also joined Danni Beer, president of U.S. Cattleman’s Association, Patrick Woodall, research director at Food & Water Watch, and Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, to discuss the details and implications of the WTO ruling.

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BARN In Depth

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014



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10-23-14 NMPF News: FARM Program Report Shows Continued Widespread Adoption of Animal Care Practices…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

NMPF-National Milk Producers Federation logo 2

National Dairy FARM Program LogoARLINGTON, VA – Dairy farmers nationwide continue to demonstrate widespread adoption of industry standards that assure high-quality care for their animals, according to a report released today by the National Milk Producers Federation.

The summary report, issued annually, quantifies practices by farmers participating in the industry’s responsible care program, known as the National Dairy FARM Program (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management). A copy of the report can be found online.

“The latest report shows dairy farmers continue to demonstrate their extensive commitment to the well-being of the animals in their care through adherence to the standards in the FARM program,” said Jamie Jonker, NMPF’s vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs. The report quantifies the results of more than 12,000 dairy farm evaluations conducted during the previous three years. All the data collected by second-party evaluators who visit each of those farms is catalogued, and provides a baseline of the breadth of adoption of the program’s care practices.

For example, the report found nearly 95 percent of farms enrolled in the program train their employees to properly move animals that cannot walk, and more than 98 percent train employees to handle calves with a minimum of stress. Other findings included:

  • 99 percent of farms observe animals daily to identify health issues for early treatment;
  • 93 percent develop protocols with veterinarians for dealing with common diseases, calving and animals with special needs;
  • 92 percent train workers to recognize the need for animals to be euthanized.

At the same time, the report found some areas still need improvement. For example, 84 percent of farms in the program have a valid veterinarian-client relationship, and 84 percent also conduct annual training in animal care for employees. However, both of these areas have shown an increase in industry adoption, up from 80 percent and 83 percent, respectively, since the first annual report two years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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10-23-14 Inside NRCS-CO: A closer look at Wetland Dynamics, LLC., a CO CIG Project…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

NRCS-CO website header

Jenny Nehring 2

Jenny Nehring, an NRCS Partner; Biologist & Conservation Innovation Project Manager

(BARN Media & CoAgNews Network – Briggsdale, CO) October 23rd, 2014 – The USDA announced it is investing $15.7 million through grants to 47 entities that will help develop and demonstrate cutting-edge ideas to accelerate innovation in private lands conservation.

Recipients of USDA’s Conservation Innovation Grants will demonstrate innovative approaches to improve soil health, air and water quality, conserve energy, and enhance wildlife habitat in balance with productive agricultural systems.

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service administers this competitive grants program.

Of the 47 grants announced, one is in Colorado. Wetland Dynamics, LLC received $60,000 to develop new technology for monitoring threatened and endangered species in the San Luis Valley in Colorado.

The technology will include remote, passive, and acoustic monitoring of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, and Northern Leopard Frogs.

Joining the Colorado Ag News Network inside the BARN is Jennifer Nehring, an NRCS Partner; Biologist & Conservation Innovation Project Manager AND Michael Brady, Conservation Innovation Grants Program Manager…

To listen to the interview, click the audio mp3 link below…


For additional information about USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service in Colorado

please visit or please call 720-544-2810.

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10-23-14 “Ag Reslience” Film Premier Oct 28th in Durango during SW Colorado Farm Tour…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014
Powerhouse Science Center, Durango, CO
NYFC-NATIONAL YOUNG FARMERS COALITION logoDURANGO, CO – The National Young Farmers Coalition proudly announces the premiere of “Resilient: Soil, Water & the New Stewards of the American West,” a short film by the National Young Farmers Coalition, produced by Rumplefarm Films in partnership with the Lexicon of Sustainability.
“Water scarcity in the West, and particularly the Colorado River Basin, is one of the greatest challenges of our time,” said Kate Greenberg, Western Organizer with the National Young Farmers Coalition. “Within the context of historic drought and increasing urban demand, ‘Resilient’ highlights the work of innovative farmers and ranchers across western Colorado who are successfully adapting to a drier climate. By embracing modern, water-saving technology and time-tested holistic practices, they prove that land stewardship is essential to the future of the region.”
“Resilient” illustrates how soil health works with efficient technology to save water and improve agricultural productivity. It emphasizes the integral role farmers and ranchers play in solving western water solutions. And it calls on everyone who cares about the west to do their part to conserve our precious resources.
In the film we meet: 
  • Brendon Rockey, a 3rd generation potato farmer in the San Luis Valley, CO who has, “…regenerated the soil to the point now where I’m growing a potato crop on 12-14 inches of irrigation water per year.” It normally takes 20”. Rockey’s saved water helps replenish the aquifer.
  • Cynthia Houseweart of Princess Beef in Hotchkiss, CO and Dan James, of the James Ranch in Durango, CO, both of whom use rotational grazing that helps store more water and carbon in the soil.
  • Steve Ela, an orchardist in Hotchkiss, CO, who integrates precision irrigation and soil health management to most effectively use his water. As Steve states, “It’s an  evolution of thinking of trying to manage our water better.”
  • The local chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition gathering in Mancos, CO. As young people return to the land, building strong community is another essential tool to forge resilience. The farmers and ranchers in this film offer us hope for the future.

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10-23-14 USDA Announces Funding to Improve Rural Water Systems Nationwide, including CO…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

View the complete list of recipients...

USDA H2O Grants Loans 102314

More than $352 million will deliver clean, reliable water to rural residents and businesses; create jobs in communities across the country

ANCHORAGE, Oct. 23, 2014 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA is providing more than $352 million in loans and grants to upgrade rural water and wastewater systems nationwide and make infrastructure improvements in rural Alaska villages. The projects funded will not only help ensure rural places have access to clean water, but will also create jobs and help communities retain and attract new businesses and families.

“These investments are critical for our health and safety, and in the long term for sustainable economic development,” Vilsack said. “Investments like these in the nation’s water infrastructure also are critical to address the impact of climate change on our water supplies. The projects supported with these resources will ensure rural families have access to clean water and create jobs in communities across the country.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Today’s Colorado Ag News Reports…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

The BARN CoAgNews Network logo

For TODAY’s Colorado’s Ag News with Brian Allmer - CLICK HERE

For CoAgNews Archives – CLICK HERE

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10-23-14 Colorado Weekly Hay Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014


Greeley, CO    Thu Oct 23, 2014    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

Colorado Hay Report

Compared to last week: Hay movement is slow this week with steady prices.
Fourth cutting of hay is being wrapped this week and the rain finally subsided
for a cutting.  All prices reported FOB the stack or barn unless otherwise
noted.  Prices reflect load lots of hay.

If you have hay for sale or need hay, use the services of the Colorado
Department of Agriculture website:

Northeast Colorado Areas Read the rest of this entry »

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10-23-14 Fuels America Launches Digital, Video, Radio Campaign Holding Obama Administration Accountable to President’s Commitments to Biofuels…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

Digital Ads Up Through Election Day on Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, National Journal Websites; Video on YouTube, Politico, The Hill, National Journal, The New Republic; Radio on WTOP 

Fuels America today launched a very significant digital, video and radio campaign inside the Beltway, quoting President Obama on biofuels and holding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accountable for trying to change “the rules for oil companies—letting them deny consumers access to more renewable fuel choices.”

Under pressure by the oil industry, President Obama’s EPA has proposed gutting the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the mechanism responsible for setting the volume of renewable fuels that must be blended into the nation’s transportation fuel supply each year.


The campaign’s details: Read the rest of this entry »

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10-23-14 Red Angus Enthusiasts Traveled to Savannah, GA for the 2014 RAAA Convention…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

RAAA Board of Directors 2014-15

RAAA’s 2014-15 Board of Directors (at random): Kevin Miller of Briggsdale, CO; Bob Morton of Three Forks, MT; Connie Mushrush of Strong City, KS; Steve Koester of Steele, N.D.; Newley Hutchison of Canton, OK; Others include: Leonard Wood of Sandpoint, ID; Bruce Ketchum of Plevna, MT.; Kyley DeVoe of Justin, TX; John Langdon of Benson, N.C.; Raymond Prescott of Gray Court, S.C.; Kurt Rich of Vinton, IA & Johnny Rogers of Roxboro, N.C.

RAAA-Red Angus Association of America OldLogo

Almost 200 Red Angus enthusiasts traveled to Savannah, Ga., for the 61st annual Red Angus National Convention Sept. 10-13 at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront. Attendees enjoyed touring the Savannah Harbor, conducting business during the three-day convention, learning about Georgia agriculture, and experiencing southern hospitality.

“The National Convention is always an exciting event for us,” said Twig Marston, Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) chief executive officer. “It’s a time where members come together to talk business and catch up on the practices that differ between each state.” 

The annual convention also provides a window to recognize those individuals who have acted as leaders in the industry. These award-winners excelled as representatives toward the betterment of the breed in all of their endeavors. The following individuals were recognized this year:

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10-23-13 *CCA NEWS* Colorado Leopold Conservation Award Program Seeks Nominees…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

CCA_Logo_WebsiteCO Leopold Call for Applications 2015Arvada, CO – (October 22, 2014)  Applications are now being accepted for the prestigious Leopold Conservation Award® honoring agricultural landowners in Colorado who demonstrate outstanding stewardship and management of natural resources.

Given in honor of renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, the $10,000 award recognizes private landowner achievement in voluntary conservation. It is presented annually by Sand County Foundation, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust, Peabody Energy, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and American AgCredit.

Applications are due by February 9, 2015. Finalists and recipient will be announced in March. For complete application information, visit

“The outstanding agricultural landowners we honor with the Leopold Conservation Award exemplify what it means to be leaders in conservation for the benefit of our environment,” said Brent Haglund, Sand County Foundation President.

“Ranchers have been taking care of the land for centuries. The Leopold Conservation Award recognizes that proud history, while rewarding ranchers who are excelling in their work to care for the land in a holistic approach” says Frank Daley, President of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association.

The Leopold Conservation Award inspires other landowners and provides a visible forum where farmers, ranchers and other private landowners are recognized as conservation leaders. In his influential 1949 book, A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold called for an ethical relationship between people and the land they own and manage, which he called “an evolutionary possibility and an ecological necessity.”

Award applicants are judged based on their demonstration of improved resource conditions, innovation, long-term commitment to stewardship, sustained economic viability, community and civic leadership, and multiple use benefits.

The Colorado award is sponsored by Peabody Energy, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Assoc., American AgCredit, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Farm Credit, DuPont Pioneer, The Mosaic Company and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Read the rest of this entry »

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10-22-14 USDA Releases New State-by-State “Made in Rural America” Report…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 22, 2014

View the complete list of recipients...

USDA State by State 102214New Data Demonstrates Obama Administration’s Record Breaking Investments in Rural America

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2014 – As part of the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) commitment to strengthening rural economies, Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a new state-by-state “Made in Rural America” report illustrating the impact of USDA investments in rural communities. Each state factsheet highlights specific USDA investments in rural businesses, manufacturing, energy, water and other infrastructure development. They also outline how USDA is helping rural communities attract businesses and families by investing in housing and broadband.

“This report shows what investment in rural America means in real terms for families and businesses across the country,” said Vilsack. “Throughout the Obama Administration, USDA has created employment opportunities in rural America through investments in manufacturing, energy and small businesses. At the same time, we are bringing reliable services like water, housing and broadband to make these same communities attract and retain a talented workforce. This report proves that the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in rural America.”

These fact sheets reflect Secretary Vilsack’s efforts to strengthen the “four pillars” of a new economy in rural America: developing a robust bio-based economy; promoting exports and production agriculture fueled by increased productivity and research; encouraging conservation including land management, stewardship and outdoor recreational opportunities; and building a strong local and regional food system to harness entrepreneurial innovation and help small and medium-sized family farms succeed in rural America.

The report’s state by state fact sheets are available at

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Posted by Brian Allmer on October 22, 2014

Partnership for a Better Energy Future Header logo

CLICK HERE to learn more…

Colorado Poll Results

WASHINGTON – Polling data released today by the Partnership for a Better Energy Future (PBEF), a coalition of 175 members representing nearly every segment of the U.S. economy, finds that voters in Colorado and nationwide have major concerns about the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations and are unwilling to pay even a dollar more for energy in exchange for these new rules.

Findings from a national survey of 1,340 likely voters and a statewide survey of 867 likely voters in Colorado conducted earlier this month by Paragon Insights include the following:

  • A majority believe the United States cannot afford new costs and potential job losses resulting from the EPA regulations.
  • Nearly half of those polled say they are not willing to pay a single dollar more in their energy bill to accommodate the new EPA regulations.
  • 41 percent of Colorado voters are less likely to cast their vote for a candidate that supports EPA’s Clean Power Plan, versus just 26 percent who say they are more likely to vote for candidates that support the rule.
  • A plurality of voters in Colorado—48 percent—oppose the regulations. Opposition to the rule is strongest in states that stand to be hit hardest by the rule’s expected energy price increases and job loss impacts.
  • Middle-class voters and seniors are among the top opponents of the rule. The poll also finds that public opposition is led by concerns about job loss, possible energy rationing and increased electricity rates, especially for the middle class.

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Keep Electricity Affordable’s Telephone Town Hall Meeting discussing the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 21, 2014

In case you missed the Keep Electricity Affordable’s Telephone Town Hall Meeting, the BARN has got you covered…


KEA - Keep Electricity Affordable Header

Ross Eisenberg Nat Assn of Manufacturers

Ross Eisenberg, Vice President of the National Association of Manufacturers


Moderating the “Clean Power Plan” Telephone Town Hall Meeting is Brian Allmer, owner/host of BARN Media & the Colorado Ag News Network

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, Keep Electricity Affordable is hosting a telephone town hall to discuss the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” on your community. As advocates for affordable electricity, it’s important we all understand the facts about these regulations and the potential impact they could have to our energy use, our electric bills and our entire way of life. We’ll be joined by manufacturing expert Ross Eisenberg, vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers, who will discuss the facts about how the West will be impacted by these regulations. Mr. Eisenberg will also be on the line to answer your questions about the EPA’s plan and what you can do to take action.

Join us by calling 888-550-4122 at 7 p.m. Mountain time, on Tuesday, Oct.21.

Get the facts and make your voice heard!

Click here to register


Keep Electricity Affordable is an alliance of citizens and organizations in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming that believes affordable electric power is an indispensable resource that is essential to families, businesses, communities and the economy. This initiative is a program of the Rural Economic Action Alliance (REA-A), a not-for-profit organization that educates the public on the importance of affordable and reliable electricity, the value of consumer owned, not-for-profit cooperative business model and factors that support a vibrant economy and quality of life across the rural West. Learn more about Keep Electricity Affordable – CLICK HERE

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10-21-14 *CSU Ext SEA News* ‘Who will get the Farm’ Workshop on Nov 6th…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 21, 2014

CSU Extension Logo

No matter your age, size of family, or net worth, it is important to have an estate plan. A plan will ensure that your family and financial goals will be met after you die.

Colorado State University Prowers County Extension office will be hosting a one-day session titled “Heirs in Agriculture” on November 6, 2014 from 9:30 – 3:30 at the Home Economics Building located on the Prowers County Fairgrounds.

The session will address how to plan the transition of the family farm and ranch from one generation to the next as it can be complicated and emotional. If you strategically plan, the transition can be smooth and less stressful for all involved. Presenter will be Jeffrey Tranel, CSU Extension Ag Economist.

Topics to be included are final instructions and last wishes, personal possessions, communicating with family members and real estate and financial assets. Even if you do not own a farm or ranch, the information will be valuable to all that attend.

Registration is $20 for the first family member and $10 for additional family members. Registration includes one set of materials per family and lunch. Space is limited, pre-registration and payment are due October 30.

To register or for more information call the CSU Prowers County Extension office at 719-254-7608.

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10-21-14 McCook Farm and Ranch Expo Nov 19-20…Make Plans to Attend!

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 21, 2014

McCook Farm & Ranch Expo GENERIC

McCOOK, Neb. - The McCook Farm & Ranch Expo will return to the Red Willow County Fairgrounds on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 19-20, 2014.

There will be a free producer breakfast on Wednesday the 19th from 7:30-9am. Come out and join us for breakfast to kick off the expo. The show opens at 9 a.m. both days and closes at 7 p.m. the first day and 4 p.m. the second. Admission and parking are free.

“It’s a great place to come see the newest and latest in farming and ranching technology practices,” said Darren Dale, show owner. “We are expecting over 350 vendors from 20 States, Canada and Australia. With record livestock prices the McCook Farm & Ranch Expo is the place to find all your livestock needs.”

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Livestock Exchange, LLC Weekly Update…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 20, 2014

Livestock Exchange LLC logo2









(BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO) - Each week, Auctioneer Tyler Knode with Livestock Exchange, LLC. in Brush, CO will be inside the BARN on the Colorado Ag News Network providing a RECAP of the previous week’s auctions and also a PREVIEW of upcoming cattle & hay auctions…


Fall Sale Schedule Underway…

10/20 – 


*********************ARCHIVED Livestock Exchange, LLC. RECAP & PREVIEW UPDATES***************************

10/13 -


For more information about Livestock Exchange, LLC – CLICK HERE

To listen to previous Livestock Exchange, LLC Updates – CLICK HERE

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10-15-14 Inside the NACD w/President-Elect Lee McDaniel: WOTUS, RCA, Farm Bill Implementation and More…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 15, 2014


NACD 1st VP Lee McDaniel

NACD 1st VP Lee McDaniel

(BARN Media & CoAgNews Network – Briggsdale, CO) October 15, 2014- Joining the BARN by telephone is Lee McDaniel, National Association of Conservation Districts President-elect discussing several topics including:

- WOTUS comment period xxtended by EPA until Nov 14th

- Upcoming Resources Conservation Act (RCA) Roundtables

- Farm Bill implementation update

- Upcoming 2015 NACD Annual Meeting Feb. 1-4 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


To listen to the entire interview with NACD President-electLee McDaniel…


Biography: Lee McDaniel, NACD President-elect, operates his family’s Indian Spring Farm in Darlington, Maryland.  He has served on the Harford Soil Conservation District Board since 1997, elected as Chairman since 2005.  He has served two terms as President of the Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts from 2005 to 2009. He has been involved on the national level since 2005, serving on the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. McDaniel is a graduate of Cornell University, with a BS in Agricultural Economics. McDaniel and his wife Connie, a retired school teacher, grow corn, soybeans and alfalfa hay on the 850 acre farming operation. Conservation practices on the farm include cover crops, no-till, grassed waterways, diversions, spring developments, strip cropping, stream bank protection, grassed and wooded buffers and stream crossings.

For more information about the National Association of Conservation Districts – CLICK HERE

For more information about the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts, an NACD Member –  CLICK HERE

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10-13-14 *CSU Ext* Colorado Crop Clinic “Soil and Crop Health” Nov 18-19 in Sterling…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 13, 2014


Co-Sponsored by: Colorado State Extension Colorado’s Certified Crop Advisors Board 

November 18-19

Logan County Extension Office

508 S 10th Ave, Suite 1

Sterling CO 80751

Program Content

- Managing Pests & Pesticide Resistance

- Crop Nutrient Management

- Crop Health Optimization

- Building Soil Health

- Water Quality & Availability issues

Speakers – To be announced

Cost & Conditions:

- $50 per pre-registration for either day
– $80 per two days received by Nov 5th
– $25 late fee after November 5th
– Registrations are limited to 75 people.

A minimum of 20 people are required by November 20th, If we don’t reach this number by that date, the Crop Clinic will be canceled or postponed until January 2015.

Register & pay online via these websites:


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READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, October 23rd…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 23, 2014

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

“Los Angeles City Officials To Consider GMO Free Zone”

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a proposal to ask the City Attorney’s office to draft a measure to make the city GMO free. The proposal, largely supported by council member Paul Koretz, would ban the sale and planting of any genetically modified seeds within the city boundaries, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. While acknowledging the vote would be largely symbolic due to the small amount of agriculture within the city, Koretz said “I want to see all 503 square miles of Los Angeles be a GMO-free growing zone.” The council approved the proposal that asked for a draft measure on a 13-1 vote. The lone vote in opposition was because the councilmember believed it w as beyond the city’s scope of authority.

Koretz said “let’s see what this does for our health, for soil health, for pollination — and let’s see what it does for economic development.” He has argued genetic modification reduces the diversity of seeds, makes food unsafe to eat and is linked to the decline of the bee population. The measure would also ban the planting and sale of fruit plants that are genetically modified.


“USDA’s Concern with Ebola is Food Assistance.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said this week the main concern for USDA regarding Ebola is the department’s ability to feed people in Africa through food assistance programs. Vilsack noted some schools using the McGovern-Dole feeding program had been shut down and closed, according to the Hagstrom Report. Vilsack called USDA’s role “supportive,” in dealing with the virus.  This comes as the United Nations World Food Program announced it has been provided food to patients and will ramp up its response to Ebola. WFP said it will need an additional $24 million for its Ebola emergency operation in Sierra Leone.

WFP said that as of Monday, it has reached more than 300,000 Ebola-affected people in Sierra Leone with 4,000 metric tons of food. These include patients in treatment centers, survivors, quarantined families and communities.


“USDA Launches Climate Hub Website”

USDA launched a new website to serve as a portal for climate information. The website launch was announced Wednesday via a department blog. USDA targeted the site towards farmers, ranchers, forest landowners and others to find “useful, practical information to help cope with the challenges and stressors caused by a changing climate.” The website includes resources related to drought, fire risk, pest and diseases, climate variability and heat stress, among other topics. The website also links users to the network of USDA conservation programs and resources that provide producers with technical and financial assistance to manage risks. Each region of the U.S. has its own dedicated hub on the website. To view the site, go to climatehubs dot oce dot usda dot gov. (

The Climate hub’s vision, according to the website, is “to support robust and healthy agricultural production and natural resources under increasing climate variability and climate change.” USDA Climate Hubs National Leader Randy Johnson said in the blog release “We hope this site will serve as a gateway not only to the information and tools provided by the regional Hubs, but also to the larger network of USDA programs.”


“Iowa Farmer Says Someone stole Soybeans by Harvesting Them”

A La Motte, Iowa farmer claims someone harvested his soybeans in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. KCCI-TV reports Matt Schuster says he’s missing more than 1,600 bushels of soybeans after someone took the crops. He noticed the theft when he checked the land last weekend. Neighbors say they saw the crop being harvested but they thought Schuster had hired someone to combine the field.

He says crop insurance will cover the loss but he has to come up with about 1,600 bushels of soybeans by the first of November to meet a contract. While the county sheriff’s office is investigating, he hopes it was “just a big mistake” and that someone accidentally harvested his crops. The crops were in Northwestern Illinois near East Dubuque.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service


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10-22-14 WSGLT News: Stock Growers Land Trust Conserves Ranch for Agricultural Production in Perpetuity…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 22, 2014

WSGLT-Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust logoWood Ranch BDR_Updated 6 (1)HPIM1203Sundance, Wyoming – Almost 2,000 acres of productive ranchland in Crook County will remain in agriculture thanks to a conservation easement on the Wood Ranch donated in part to the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust by landowner Jackie Griffith. The project’s closing on October 22 complements two completed conservation easements in Crook County held by the Stock Growers Land Trust.  The Wood Ranch conservation easement ensures the ranch’s compatibility with agriculture and prevents the ranch from being converted to non-agricultural uses in the future.

The Wood Ranch was founded in 1895 by Jacob Wood and remained in the Wood family for many generations.  Jackie Griffith, the current landowner, purchased the land from the Wood family in 2000 and continues to utilize the forage for livestock grazing. At the location of the original homestead, a cabin was erected in Jacob’s honor and is used today as a Pastor Day Retreat, where religious leaders may have a quiet place to reflect, pray and study.

Wood Ranch is situated in the Bear Lodge Mountains and is nestled in the Beaver Creek Valley, surrounded by other private ranchland and National Forest land, with stunning mountain views in all directions. The property also provides habitat for a host of wildlife species including elk, deer, mountain lion, black bear, bobcat, eagles and several species of hawks.  The ranch is bisected by State Highway 24, which is a popular route for those traveling to Devils Tower National Monument and helps to ensure the unspoiled views of Wyoming’s wide open spaces which are enjoyed by all travelers.

Following the closing in Sundance, Jackie Griffith said “I would like to thank the Stock Growers Land Trust staff for their dedication and perseverance in preserving and protecting Wyoming ranchland, especially the Wood Ranch, which I own. The preservation of this beautiful ranch will protect wildlife and the natural beauty for all to enjoy.” Read the rest of this entry »

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10-22-14 USDA’s WIC Program Has Provided Nutrition Support for New Mothers, Young Children for Over 40 Years…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 22, 2014

View the complete list of recipients...

WASHINGTON, October 22, 2014 – USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service is commemorating the 40thanniversary of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, more commonly known as the WIC Program. WIC was established in 1974 to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of our nation’s children.  Today, the WIC program is considered one of the most successful, cost-effective and important nutrition intervention programs in the country. Each month WIC safeguards the health of approximately 8.25 million low-income women, infants, and children up to age five who are at nutritional risk by providing supplemental food benefits, nutrition education, healthcare referrals, and breastfeeding promotion and support.

“As we commemorate 40 years of accomplishments, WIC’s impact can be seen not only through improved child health, but in healthcare cost savings and economic support for local merchants through WIC participant purchases,” said Agriculture Under Secretary Kevin Concannon. “In fact, WIC participation actually saves money for taxpayers. Studies on WIC participation among low-income Medicaid recipients show that every dollar spent on prenatal WIC participation saves $1.77 to $3.13 within the first 60 days after birth.”

Since the first WIC site opened in Pineville, Ky., in 1974, the program has improved the health and lives of millions of children, providing nutritious supplemental foods and instilling healthy behaviors that children can carry with them for a lifetime. Significant milestones throughout the years include: Read the rest of this entry »

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10-22-14 USDA Announces Funding for Rural Broadband and Telecommunications Infrastructure…

Posted by Brian Allmer on October 22, 2014

View the complete list of recipients...WASHINGTON, Oct. 22, 2014 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced $190.5 million in grants and loans to make broadband and other advanced communications infrastructure improvements in rural areas.

“Modern telecommunications and broadband access is now as essential to the businesses and residents of rural America as electricity was in the 1930s,” Vilsack said. “USDA is committed to ensuring that rural Americans have robust broadband and telecommunications systems. The investments we are announcing today will provide broadband in areas that lack it, help rural-serving public television stations begin using digital broadcasts, and support other telecommunications infrastructure improvements.”

USDA is providing assistance through the Community Connect Grant program, the Public Television Digital Transition Grant program and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Loanprogram.

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